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New battlegrounds are taking shape after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  One is abortion pills, which now account for more than half of all abortions.  Abortion advocates are determined to turn the nation’s 27,000 pharmacies into new abortion clinics.  Conservatives are working to keep that from happening.

Twenty Republican state Attorneys General warned Walgreens and CVS sending abortion pills by mail violates federal law despite Biden administration claims to the contrary.  Walgreens said it would not dispense the abortion pill mifepristone in Kansas after receiving a warning from the state’s Attorney General.  Texas filed a lawsuit to block a Biden administration rule requiring pharmacies to fill abortion pill prescriptions nationwide, even in states where abortion is illegal.  A conservative legal group sued the FDA for approving abortion pills on the pretext pregnancy is an ‘illness’ and without studying their safety.  Abortion activists have answered with a litigation trump card of their own, arguing in a case filed in West Virginia that states can’t ban drugs approved by the FDA.

The Bide administration has refused to divulge information about its decision to expand the use of the abortion drug mifepristone.  A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has been filed to pry it loose, in the belief the administration did not appropriately review the evidence of the safety risks before moving ahead.

Advocates claim abortion pills are safe – “safer than Tylenol” they say – but that’s a typical Leftist con job.  The fact of the matter is abortion pills can kill you.  A 19-year-old woman died from septic shock after taking an abortion pill.  In the U.S., at least 28 deaths have been linked to abortion pills, so it’s Russian roulette when you pull the trigger.  Moreover, one in 17 women who take abortion pills end up needing hospitalization.

Death and injury are not the only risks of abortion pills.  There are reports of women being coerced into taking them against their will.  Boyfriends can slip abortion pills into a woman’s drink.  Women often misjudge how far along their pregnancy is, resulting in late-term babies being born alive at home after an abortion pill is taken.  Then there’s the trauma of seeing your aborted baby’s body after the abortion pill does its damage.  The psychological effects of chemical abortions are just beginning to be studied, but it’s already clear grief, shame, regret, and remorse can persist for years.

The Left doesn’t make full disclosure of these risks, because they don’t want you to know about them.  They don’t care if you die in the process, they just want you to push the ‘easy’ button and thank them with your vote for the privilege.  Not only do abortion advocates not talk about the risks of abortion pills, they go out of their way to perfect the art of the con.  They gladly sell abortion pills to girls as young as 15 through the mail without a medical exam that would determine how far along they are, and will do so without the parents’ knowledge or consent.  Heaven forbid anyone stop and think about the risks.   Abortionistas also leverage their control of government to expand the use of abortion pills without discussing the risks.  New York City gives them away for free.  The law in New York also requires health insurers to provide them as part of maternity coverage.

Here’s another thing abortion supporters don’t want you to know:  Women who take an abortion pill and experience regret right away can get help reversing a chemical abortion.  Over 4,000 babies have been saved this way in the last ten years.  The Abortion Pill Rescue Network (APRN) has 1,200 medical professionals who are committed to helping women and saving lives.  Why isn’t the Left talking about that?  So much for “choice” and “control over your own body”.

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