ACTION! Urge Iowa House Education Republicans to support Baby Olivia Bill

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Dear Pulse Life Advocate Supporter :

Please contact Iowa House Education Republicans and ask them to support House File 2031, known as the Baby Olivia bill.

This bill will save babies because it teaches kids when life begins. But it’s in danger of dying tomorrow. We need your help to keep it alive!

Please contact them right NOW about this important prolife bill:


Skyler Wheeler (R, District 4), Chair

Craig P. Johnson (R, District 67), Vice Chair

Brooke Boden (R, District 21)

Dr. Steven P. Bradley (R, District 66)

Taylor R. Collins (R, District 95)

Joel Fry (R, District 24)

Dan Gehlbach (R, District  46)

Bill Gustoff (R, District 40)

Steven Holt (R, District 12)

Heather Hora (R, District 92)

Chad Ingels (R, District 68)

Thomas Jay Moore (R, District 18)

Anne Osmundson  (R, District 64)

Henry Stone (R, District 9)

Phil Thompson (R, District 48)


Dear [Legislator],

Please support the Baby Olivia bill (HF 2031) that is currently in the House Education Committee.

This bill can build a culture of life for generations to come! It would require schools to teach kids the scientific truth about when life begins. When people understand the truth and beauty of human life in the womb, they are much more likely to choose life.

Please help build a culture of life in the next generation!


[ signatoree ]

More information about the Baby Olivia Bill:

Baby Olivia Bill (HF 2031)

This bill would start building a culture of life in the next generation in a powerful way.

Iowa law already requires schools to teach human growth and development in grades 1–12. But right now, that curriculum starts with human development after birth. We don’t teach kids where human development actually starts—in the womb. We could fix this problem by passing the Baby Olivia bill. This bill would require schools to use ultrasound footage and a short video like Live Action’s Baby Olivia to teach children the basic facts about prenatal human development.

Abortion advocates claim that this bill would require schools to teach unscientific, religious propaganda. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Baby Olivia was reviewed and certified to be accurate by licensed OB/GYNs, and it has been endorsed by experts in the field. But you don’t have to “trust the experts.” You can watch Baby Olivia at our website and fact-check it for yourself with a list of sources created by Live Action. There are sources to support every factual claim made in the video.

Young Iowans need this information. According to a PEW Research survey in 2022, 30 percent of young people ages 18 to 29 say abortion should be legal in all cases. Not some cases. ALL cases. If 30% of kids are leaving high school with that radical and barbaric view, we need to do a better job of educating them. This bill can do something about that! When people understand the truth and beauty of human life in the womb, they are much more likely to choose life.

Thank-you for all your support!

P.S. Opponents of the Baby Olivia bill contend the video itself to be medically inaccurate. Yet the reality is that the video was created by accredited OB/GYNs. It is based on facts from the non-profit and politically neutral Endowment for Human Development, endorsed by experts, and fact-checked and cited, line by line, in the following, downloadable document:



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