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We talked with some people who attended the Trump rally at The Elipse in Washington D.C. and then stopped at the Capitol.

Jim, who is from Iowa, said they went to get something to eat before marching to the Capitol. On Thursday he said he had seen videos of D.C. cops getting the guys to go inside the Capitol.

“He wasn’t getting them to try to stay out of the Capitol,” Jim said. “So, what was that about? And there’s video of the National Guard helping people climb the wall. What was that about?”

Jim said he isn’t sure what to make of everything, but he believes it was “a little bit of a setup.”

People should not have entered the Capitol, Jim said. But he asserted that it appears they were let in.

“The media is not going to give any kind of good view of it,” he said. “I’m still looking into it and time will tell what actually happened. That’s what always happens — the truth always comes out. We’re all just patiently waiting.”

Jim pointed to the mainstream media’s polls, which show 50 percent of people do not agree with the election results.

“That’s what their polls are saying,” he said. “So, if their polls are saying that, that means 80 percent of the people don’t agree.”

For now, he said, Trump supporters find themselves in a holding pattern.

“You can get demoralized from it,” he said. “We’ve had so many instances of them trying to demoralize us. Time gives you perspective. Everybody is kind of waiting to see what happens because the media lies to us all the time and we don’t trust them anymore. So, we just wait. So far it’s turning around very quickly in terms of who was actually the culprit here.”

Tim, who is from Illinois, told me he saw Antifa bussed in by D.C. police. The busses were parked at the National Park Service area near at the National Mall.

He said afterward there was video online of the caravan that was being escorted.

“They were escorted by police with the sirens on and the lights flashing,” he said. “So, that made me look. And I could look through the shuttle busses that they were escorting. There were about three or four of them all filled with men that were wearing helmets and black uniforms.”

Tim said he searched for Ashli Babbitt on Bing late Wednesday night and couldn’t find anything on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC or CNBC.

The media is instead trying to “discredit” Trump, he said.

“That’s already underway. They have to discredit the leader.”

Jim said he believes the entire situation is a “total failure of the government.”

Author: Jacob Hall