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Iowans For Tax Relief 1

LSA’s Pieces of Iowa’s Past: Amelia Earhart – A Des Moines...

Legislative Services Agency's "Pieces of Iowa's Past" can be found here. It is about Amelia Earhart.

Iowa House Republicans: Congressional Dems plan overturns nonpartisan redistricting in Iowa

The first Resolution that Congressional Democrats introduced after taking control in January fundamentally changes the fair and nonpartisan redistricting model that Iowa has used...

Senate Democrat highlights proposed bill to improve Medicaid

Excerpt from Democrat Sen. Janet Petersen's newsletter: Because Governor Reynolds and legislative Republicans are determined to stick with Iowa’s troubled privatized Medicaid, Democrats have proposed...

ITR: Property Tax Reform introduced in Iowa House

Property Tax Reform Bill Introduced Last week, Iowa House Republicans released House Study Bill 165, a property tax reform bill, creating a city and county budget...

ITR: Arizona considering efforts on occupational licensing

This week the Wall Street Journal's Editorial Board published an opinion piece that discussed Arizona's efforts to make it easier to work and start businesses...

AUDIO: Veteran Michael Young talks about need for green alert program...

Iowa's suicide rate among veterans is high. It's almost doubled the national rate. Listen to veteran Michael Young talk about why Iowa should pursue...

AUDIO: Professor Fitzpatrick talks changing Iowa’s judicial nominating process

Vanderbilt law professor Brian Fitzpatrick speaks to us about why he believes Iowa should change its judicial nominating commission. "I don't think it can be...

AUDIO: Platte Institute’s Laura Ebke discusses potential licensing reforms

Iowa has some issues when it comes to occupational licensing. The Institute for Justice says Iowa is one of the worst states for occupational...

Legislation breezes through Iowa House

Bills that passed on the House floor last week: HF 223 A bill for an act relating to reimbursement of witness mileage expenses.  Passed - 98-0 HF 262 A...

Working Families Face Child Care Challenges

From Democrat Statehouse News: With more than 700,000 Iowans living in a child care desert, a new report out this week found working families continue...
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