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Iowans For Tax Relief 1

Federalism and the Future of Constitutional Government

The late intellectual historian Stephen J. Tonsor wrote that in America “the Founding is determinative, and the Constitution stands at the very center of...

If Only An Unborn Baby Were a Bald Eagle’s Egg

Rekha Basu's trashing of the heartbeat law shocked nobody. In reality, if the Republican House and Senate passed a controversial bill she applauded, there'd...

It’s Time to Add Up the Bill for Iowa’s Tax Credit...

Iowa has a complex and extensive system of tax credits, all of which suffer from poor transparency and shaky justifications. We’re certainly not alone...

Iowans Need Property Tax Relief

“What I’ve worked 50 years to build up, they’re taking away from me. Pie in the sky assessments allow government to grow and prosper...

Former chief politics reporter at Register a ‘most-wanted’ Democrat

The Des Moines Register put together its own list of 50 most wanted Democrats looking toward the 2020 Iowa Caucus. One name on the...

Is anti-bullying policy leading to anti-Bible policy for Iowa Christian schools?

Like many other states, Iowa has undergone a big push against bullying. A noble and worthy cause, the only pause that should be given...

Rep. Jacobsen: A proud REPUBLIC-an

There is an old saying. We need not so much to be told as to be reminded. What is America? Thus spake Benjamin Franklin...

48 Hours episode shines light on Huisentruit case again

You might have missed it, but 48 Hours recently aired an episode highlighting the disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit, a TV anchor who vanished in...

Conservative Principles of Public Policy

“What is conservatism? Is it not preference for the old and tried, over the new and untried?” stated Abraham Lincoln in defining conservatism. The...

Criminal Justice Reform- What does it mean for Iowans?

Justice reforms have been a topic of discussion at the local, state and federal levels of governance for many years. At the end of...
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