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As independent investigators continue to

As independent investigators continue to uncover illegal abortion practices and sales of human body parts by the abortion industry, a U.S. Congressional panel held an independent hearing this week for the purpose of “investigating the black market of baby organ harvesting” through abortion.

The panel heard testimony from two investigators, David Daleiden and Terrisa Bukovinac, who have spent years uncovering the horrific practices of fetal organ harvesting and trafficking. The investigators delivered graphic and gut-wrenching testimony stating how the “industrial-scale abortion business” brokers lucrative deals for fetal organs taken from live babies, dismembers viable babies in utero to “skirt” partial-birth abortion laws, sells baby scalps for university research experiments, and targets minority babies for organ harvesting. They also stated this fetal organ harvesting is largely taxpayer funded.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who convened and led the panel, stated the hearing was meant “to conduct oversight and explore potential legislative action that could be pursued in light of these illegal practices.” The panel also included Representatives Mary Miller (R-IL) and Chip Roy (R-TX).

Daleiden, founder of Center for Medical Progress (CMP), along with Sandra Merritt, released videos in 2015 following a 30-month undercover investigation exposing Planned Parenthood and other organ procurement companies regarding aborted baby body parts. The videos showed certain Planned Parenthood affiliated executives haggling over prices of aborted baby body parts and discussing how they change abortion procedures to obtain more intact organs. Daleiden and Merritt are the first undercover journalists to be charged with a crime for undercover recordings made in the public interest in the history of California.

Liberty Counsel is defending Merritt against the felony charges and civil lawsuit levied against her by the State of California and Planned Parenthood.

Bukovinac is the founder of both Pro-Life San Francisco and Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising which are organizations focused on activism against abortion violence. Her investigative work led to the discovery of late-term abortion and infanticide victims outside a Washington D.C. abortion facility, who consisted of 110 first-trimester and five late-term babies.

At the beginning of the hearing, Greene noted the intent was not to condemn women for abortion, but rather to discuss it since “most people refuse” to talk about it. She further noted that there is virtually no federal oversight of the abortion industry.

Greene stated, “No women are being condemned today, we’re talking about what an abortion actually is. It’s the murder of a child. It’s the murder of a human being.”

Daleiden and Bukovinac presented difficult testimony and graphic images and videos which included the following key revelations:

1. Organ harvesters dismember viable babies in utero to “skirt” partial-birth abortion laws.

During the hearing, an undercover video displayed a chief medical officer from a Planned Parenthood facility discussing dismembering live unborn babies in an attempt to avoid violating the federal partial-birth abortion ban.

“What the chief medical officer is describing [in the video] is how…they can try and skirt the federal law against partial birth abortion,” Daleiden stated. “Where if the baby…is being pulled out of the mother with the forceps past the baby’s umbilical cord, which is one of the anatomical landmarks which is written into the federal partial birth abortion law, that if they’re afraid that it’s getting too close to an obvious partial birth abortion situation that the doctor will take one set of forceps, hold the body of the four or five or six-month-old baby at the woman’s cervix and then use a second set of forceps to pull off a leg or two from the fetus and then allow the rest of the baby to be delivered.”

The investigators explained that this is when fetal organ harvesters “get excited” because a baby’s torso is delivered intact allowing them access to the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. However, they noted pulling off the baby’s legs does not kill the baby and is still delivered alive.

“[They are] mutilating a four or five or six-month-old baby while it’s being delivered in order to try to cover up their violation of the federal partial birth abortion law in order to sell more aborted baby body parts,” stated Daleiden.

While Planned Parenthood requires its abortionists to sign an “intent statement” declaring they do not intend to perform a partial-birth abortion when performing a late-term abortion, testimony showed that the abortionists feel it is just a “check in the box” that “immunizes” them from any wrongdoing.

“It’s obviously a legal fiction,” stated Daleiden.

2. Fetal organ harvesting is a lucrative business.

During the hearing, the investigators explained organ transfers between abortion providers and research universities is a “lucrative” exchange. They stated that Planned Parenthood in Southern California is selling aborted babies to the University of California “in exchange for ownership of the patents and intellectual property that the University of California develops using the aborted baby body parts,” which alone could be worth “millions of dollars in ongoing royalties.”

3. Baby scalps and other organs are sold to universities for research experiments.

A 2020 video revealed that the University of Pittsburgh was grafting aborted baby scalps to “humanized” lab mice and rats which enabled the rodents to grow human hair. The investigators testified the scalps were taken from human babies aborted at the gestational age of 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy at the Magee-Women’s Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Tissue Bank. In graphic images shown to the congressional panel, long patches of human hair can literally be seen growing on the backs of these rodents in contrast to the rodent’s own short hair.

“This was done at the University of Pittsburgh to develop a new experimental platform to sell to Big Pharma,” stated Daleiden. “With modern cutting-edge medical technology viability [of a baby] is at just around 20 weeks…so these are scalps taken from babies had they been given the opportunity to live or had been provided medical care they could have possibly survived.”

In addition to the baby scalps, CMP has reported that the University of Pittsburgh is a “distribution hub” for supplying large amounts of fetal hearts, kidneys, brain tissue, gonads, and legs to researchers at the taxpayer-funded National Institutes of Health (NIH). The University has even admitted that babies hearts were still beating when harvesting kidneys.

Both investigators noted that Planned Parenthood and the fetal research programs at the University of California and University of Pittsburgh receive taxpayer funding. Bukovinac pointed out that the NIH spent $57 million in taxpayer dollars in 2022 on research using fetal tissue. She noted this was a steep decline from previous years, which records indicate funding reached as high as $115 million in 2018.

4. Minority babies are targeted for organ harvesting.

According to the University of Pittsburgh’s NIH grant application to receive taxpayer funding for its fetal organ harvesting program, the program featured “inclusion quotas” based on sex, race, and ethnicity. The application set specific quotas that 50 percent of the aborted babies must be from minority demographics, with a “full 25 percent” being babies from black women. Daleiden noted that according to the U.S. Census Bureau the Pittsburgh area in Alleghany County is nearly 70 percent Caucasian and only about 13 percent Black.

“[The university’s] proposal…included a racial target for harvesting of human fetal parts of its planned aborted subjects,” stated Daleiden. “They wanted the babies that were killed and their fetal parts that they had harvested to be reflective of Pittsburgh’s diversity. However, [the City’s] numbers say otherwise…this makes no sense at all to me.”

In several briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court, Liberty Counsel has highlighted this racial targeting in the abortion industry and how the industry supports racist eugenics. In fact, Planned Parenthood has now intentionally located 86 percent of its abortion facilities in or near minority neighborhoods in the 25 U.S. counties with the most abortions. The High Court cited Liberty Counsel’s amicus brief in June 2022 when it overturned Roe v. Wade and determined there is no constitutional right to an abortion.  The High Court cited that the roots of abortion are “motivated by a desire to suppress the size of the African American population” and that “[a] highly disproportional percentage of aborted fetuses are black.”

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “The fetal organ harvesting business is heinously murdering innocent children for profit. The despicable acts by these abortionists, universities, and companies underscore why our client Sandra Merritt should be applauded and exonerated for revealing the depravity of this horrible industry and justice should prevail for her. The barbaric slaughter of babies for profit must stop.”

Author: Liberty Counsel


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