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  1. The FAMiLY Leader had Madeline Crook present its testimony in support of an abortion neutrality amendment at Thursday’s Senate subcommittee meeting.
  2. Crook said the majority of Iowans would protect women and children from gruesome late-term and partial-birth abortion if they could. And, she added, Iowans would insist abortion clinics maintain basic safety standards and prefer not to pay for elective abortions.

But in 2018, the Iowa Supreme Court stripped Iowans of that right. Now, she said, judges have the power and the precedent to throw away common-sense regulations and “ignore we the People.”

“No matter their view on abortion, we the People of Iowa and not unelected judges should decide how Iowa regulates abortion,” she said. “This amendment is about far more than the abortion debate. Now, we’ve heard all the arguments about abortion, but there’s one truth I can’t argue away, and that most Iowans agree with.

“That little child in her mother’s womb, she’s a baby, and she deserves a birthday. But now, unelected, extremist judges have decided no, she can be killed even up to her birthday. Iowans don’t support that and have never voted for that. This amendment corrects those judges’ radical ruling.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall