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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was on the frontlines against the so-called Equality Act. She is being criticized by the element of the Democrat Party currently engaged in the most intense War on Science in human history — the idea there are more than two genders and that gender is a feeling rather than biological fact.

Greene posted a video of herself on Twitter posting a sign that contains a “controversial message.”

She retweeted her own video with a simple five-word message:

“God created ONLY TWO genders,” Greene wrote.

Greene stood with her fellow Freedom Caucus members in opposition to the Equality Act.

“I see Joe Biden and the rest of the Woke Democrats that now are defying science, defying God’s Creation and only care about governing over peoples’ feelings. You see the Equality Act is a completely evil, disgusting, immoral bill. It’s not about stopping discrimination, it is creating it.

“It’s creating discrimination against every single woman and girl in this country. Over the past century, our great-grandmothers, our grandmothers, our mothers fought for women’s rights. And the Equality Act with a single vote wipes it out. Every single person should be outraged at this bill. You should be angered. You should be concerned for the safety of all the little girls that are going to go in a bathroom not knowing if there is a man in there that calls himself a woman. You should be angered for every girl that competes in sports like my daughter, who we traveled the country with for 10 years so she could earn her scholarship to be a D-1 collegiate athlete and compete in sports.

“Boys that want to call themselves girls do not belong in my daughter’s bathrooms, in my daughter’s locker rooms, on my daughter’s playing field, traveling with her team where she’s forced to share a hotel room with them. No. They don’t belong. They should get their own sports or they should compete with the rest of the biological males, which is what they are.

“Women should not be forced to have to be in prison with a man in a cell that calls himself a woman or a battered women’s shelter where they’ve been beaten by men and then they have to be in there with a man who calls himself a woman. Women should not have to be in drug rehab centers with men who call themselves women. I’m sorry, it’s not about their feelings. We have to govern in what’s right and wrong, not about peoples’ feelings.”

Author: Jacob Hall