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With the news that the Ames Community School District is going to participate in the Black Lives Matter At School Week of Action beginning Feb. 1, it is clear the district will be indoctrinating every kid in the district.

It is worse than that, though.

The district will be mentally abusing these kids. According to the website of resources for the week linked by the district’s own website, preschoolers will be able to define “transgender” and “nonbinary.”

Kindergartners are also going to learn that everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind. They’ll learn that everyone gets to choose if they’re a girl or a boy or both or neither or something else — and no one else gets to choose for them.


And you know what, parents and taxpayers are paying for it.

Is this the education everyone wants for their children in Ames?

If this is what Ames teaches kids in kindergarten, how do they reconcile gender with the science of biology later in life?

We wonder why our country is where it is, yet many parents continue to trust people with the task of educating their children who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near kids.

It begs the question, where are the parents of these kids who are about to undergo mental abuse. Yes, teaching little kids that everyone has a “right” to choose their own gender and they can choose to be a boy, a girl, both or neither is abusive.

They are robbing children of innocence and polluting their minds with garbage that does not belong in a classroom.

Are the parents prepared for this?

Here’s another question — where are the churches in Ames?

I’m talking like actual, God-fearing, Bible-believing churches. You know, the churches that actually believe in what the Bible says. Radical ideas that God created us in His image. That God assigns us a gender at birth. That we don’t need to listen to our hearts to find out our gender, we just need to look down.

If you go to a church in Ames that isn’t going to be vocally opposed to this form of child abuse, it’s probably time to explore other options.

There is no excuse for this to be taught to preschoolers or kindergartners.

There is no excuse for such a morally offensive lesson to be offered in any public school.

There is a reason parents and churches keep losing the youth — it’s because they are silent and complicit in putting kids into classrooms where crap like this happens and is accepted as normal.

Let this be your wake-up call, Ames residents.

Feel free to contact Ames superintendent, Jenny Risner.

Her phone number is 515-268-6660 and her email address is

You can also contact the members of the Ames School Board:

Sabrina Shields-Cook, President:

Michelle Lenkaitis, Vice President:

Alisa Frandsen, Director:

Allen Bierbaum, Director:

Monic Behnken, Director:

Jamet Colton, Director:

Gina Perez, Director:

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall