If we don’t teach our children to respect and value life at the very beginning, why are we shocked or saddened when they don’t respect or value life at any point after?

That is what goes through my mind when I hear about tragic mass shootings — or any murders, really.

For generations we have taught young people that life isn’t intrinsically valuable, that instead it’s a “choice.” Nobody deserves or has more than a 50/50 shot at being allowed to be born.

It’s legal to kill fellow human beings at its most innocent stage. It’s legal to intentionally eliminate another human being.

There is no doubt what abortion does. None. The unborn baby is a unique individual. It’s a baby human. It’s not a baby duck, baby dog or baby chicken — it’s a baby human.

Yet we teach there are many reasons to kill these baby humans. Heck, life is so cheap and so meaningless that we don’t just say end it when it begins but we have politicians who want to allow people to end it before it ends through assisted suicide.

We can’t continue teaching these lessons about life and then wonder why our culture is in a death-ward spiral.

Are there other factors? Sure. Movies, TV, video games, music, mental illness, broken families. That list can go on. And on.

At the end of the day the problem is within the human heart. And the problem is we don’t value or respect life from the beginning. Until we do that, we are just exercising selective outrage.