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Those of us old enough to remember when President Eisenhower warned us about the military/industrial complex?  He was not just a great military leader and fine President. He was a prophet. 

The disaster of Vietnam,  Iraq, Afghanistan and now the open ended conflict in Ukraine is proof that we have been fighting wars without end to enrich war-related corporations who have fed our corrupt politicians with lobbyist cash to continue these wars never won. 

Unelected bureaucrats “greased” by these same lobbyists write our laws while party leadership instructs congress and senate members to “vote for this or expect no funding for your reelection campaign.” 

The suspicious, unvetted ascension of Barak Obama, his “apology tour” and socialist healthcare system is now alive again in the totally inept Biden bunch. President Trump tried to drain the swamp of these self-serving bureaucrats but the Democrat voter fraud machine destroyed his plans. 

Now the weaponization of the Justice Department and the activist pro-Democrat mainstream media have destroyed common-sense Americans faith in the future of our Constitutional Republic. 

Recent events have proven that we are living in a police state where a provably corrupt and mentally compromised President can make it impossible for his opponent to campaign – where religion can be investigated as “subversive” – where schools can indoctrinate children with lies that deny biological fact and perverse behavior can be promoted in library books. 

Residents of cities large and small witness increased crime resulting from Democrat policies that favor the criminal before the victim.  Democrat “open border” policy has contributed to the destruction of civility and created nightmare zones where every depravity imaginable is on open display. 

For too long we’ve been governed by old men and women who’ve promised much but delivered little. Many have enriched themselves with insider trading and lobbyist graft. 

Who will step forward with a logical, bold plan re-energize patriotism, save our Republic and destroy the enemy within? There are several young Presidential candidates with the moral and mental capacity to reverse the downward slide of America the beautiful. 

I believe Vivek Ramaswamy is the one young, self-made man best equipped to lead us forward. 

Author: Paul Hemmer

Paul Hemmer is a retired radio personality and station owner from Dubuque. He is also a musician, composer/orchestrator and author of “Entertaining Dubuque-The Untold Story,” and a life-long Conservative.


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