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Iowans have a history of knowing about the RED WAVE, the BLUE WAVE and we even know how to use the GOODBYE WAVE to those who fail to RESPECT the values of the Iowa Republican Party Platform!

A disloyal Republican and a loyal Democrat are one and the same and it is time we quit justifying their bad behavior with worse behavior. Just because someone chooses to use the R letter by their name when running for office or serving on central committees does not mean a strong Republican (RED state) party!

When disrespect for the values of the Iowa Republican platform overwhelms those elected to protect it then it is time for the grassroots of Iowa “who have not lost their minds” to arise to the occasion and say “you are fired!”

Mariannette Miller-Meeks has earned her primary challenge and it is time to give her the Iowa District 1, GOODBYE WAVE on Tuesday, June 4th, 2024.

Remember when on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 just 21 days after Iowa’s “RED WAVE” twelve Republican (RINOs) United State’s Senators joined in with every Democrat Senator to pass the (Obama/Biden) Respect for Marriage ACT. Unfortunately one of these Republican Senators was from Iowa as were two Republican United States House Representatives who also decided to disrespect the Iowa Republican Party platform values and support the (Obama/Biden) Democrat Party platform agenda.

Apparently, these Republicans elected to represent Iowa values did not care to remember when “we the people of Iowa” ousted three Iowa Supreme Court justices, in November of 2010, for legislating from the bench without the consent of “we the people of Iowa.” These justices overturned the law of Iowa, Defense of Marriage ACT (DOMA), which defined traditional BIBLICAL marriage as between one man and one woman and proclaimed Iowa to be a same sex marriage state.

Biblical marriage must remain intact as is written in the Iowa Republican Platform. We believe that traditional two parent, one male (XY) and one female (XX), marriage based families are the foundation to a stable enduring and healthy civilization. We encourage the repeal of any laws allowing any marriage that is not between one natural man and one natural woman.

It is also apparent that these Republicans elected to represent Iowa values in Washington DC did not remember that “we the people of Iowa” ousted on November 8th, 2022, the longtime Iowa Attorney General who usurped his power, in 2009, when he ordered all Iowa county Recorders to issue same sex marriage licenses.

We the people of Iowa believe that it is the grassroots leadership of each of Iowa’s 99 counties that has made the Republican party of Iowa one of the states that has “not lost it’s mind!” Any Republican representing the Iowa Republican Party Platform at county state, national or any committee level that fails to uphold platform principles as written and approved through county, district and state conventions should be subject to reprimand, censure, primaried, and voted out of office.

David Pautsch has a vested interest in our state and knows that our nation is in serious trouble! David Pautsch will fight for secure borders, free speech, gun rights, life, honest elections, term limits, farms, and budget slashing all while knowing that this nation is in desperate need for the LORD’s help!

James Lee Elliott
Fairfield, Iowa


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