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If the below doesn’t get your britches in a wad, well……..

If you are a non agricultural animal owner(pets, exotics, etc.) and/or producer,  you WILL be on the endangered species list if the governor does not VETO this dastardly anti owner/producer bill. 

Please share far and wide asking Gov. Reynolds to VETO the bill, HF 737.  Specifically request a VETO, not a “Do not sign.”   Why would a breeder wish this on any of their puppy buyers?  Why would any pet related business wish this on their customers?  

THIS is why it is so important to request a VETO:

 “Governor’s Action    Bills passed by the Legislature must be reviewed by the Governor.  The Governor takes final action on all bills passed by the Iowa General Assembly.  The Governor has three options:  sign the bill, veto the bill (or item veto an appropriations bill), or take no action.  In the case of a veto, the Legislature may override the veto with two-thirds of the members of each chamber voting to reconsider and pass the bill a second time.  If, during session, the Governor does not sign or veto a bill, it becomes law after three calendar days.  Bills received by the Governor during the last three calendar days of session must be signed or vetoed within 30 calendar days.

WHY WOULD ANY LEGISLATOR WISH THIS ON THEIR CONSTITUENTS??    No?  Then why did they vote for this bill?  Even those that claim an intense dislike for HSUS, Humane Society of the United States,  and any like minded organization.   Answer below.  Straight from horses’ mouths.    

 So. again,  why did legislators so overwhelmingly vote for something so destructive to their constituents?

Number ONE reason – ​FEAR!!   Fear ​​of being smeared as pro animal abuse.  ​Fear ​​of being smeared as promoting child abuse as animal abuse ALLEGEDLY leads to child abuse.  ​Fear of if don’t give this to them they will be back. 

 ​Fear ​​of they will be back with something worse. ​ Fear ​​of losing their seat. 

Number two reason – ​EMOTION!!   ​Not one single time have I seen nor heard hard core researched resourced facts presented validating proponent’s claims.  Nor has a single legislator mentioned any they have received by the proponents.  We’ve heard “studies show…”,  but not resourced for research.  We’ve heard there’s such an increase in cruelty,  Sen. Zaun claimed a daily, weekly basis.  Again, NEVER a single resourced statistic presented for validation.  A few examples of recent cases and Sen. Zaun’s cat story have been their proof to the best of my knowledge. 

In answer to the above.  Got news for the legislators.  The ink wasn’t even dry on the Senate president and House speakers signatures than plans were under way to come back for more next session.  Correction.   In all likelihood there is a checkoff list being followed.  How do the legislators fail to understand this is NEVER going away no matter how much they give in to, bow down to this ideology? It is extremely disappointing that so many legislators that have taken hard hits on other issues, sp quickly become melted jello on this issue.  

Some comments put forth in the past about my take on this bill include, “That’s not true.”   “That’s a lie.  That’s not what the bill says or does.”  Won’t repeat a few things.  Not a single one offered proof of their claims within the context of the bill.  Hmmmmm.

To those legislators that did the courtesy of a reply to me, THANK YOU for your HONESTY!!

If I tick some people off, so be it.   I will NOT back down nor apologize unless you prove me wrong.  Then I will apologize.  Opinion is NOT proof.  Only hard core, resourced facts need apply.  Facts that everyone can research. 

​FEAR is an incredibly successful tool.  We have witnessed the wide success it has enjoyed, with only FOUR senators having the wherewithall to take a stand in defending and protecting OUR rights of animal ownership and production.  We owe a huge, huge thanks to Sens. Sweeney (leading the charge) Costello, Edler, and Guth for being the bravehearts.

Read the bill here:  https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislation/BillBook?ga=88&ba=HF737

Couple of points.

Sen. Brad Zaun declared on the Senate floor this bill is ONLY for intentional abuse.  Question.  If that were so, then why not just leave in the original code of only intentional  instead of ADDING knowingly and recklessly?

Sen. Zaun also declared that this bill did not come from a national organization, but had Iowa originations.  Technically true.  Several of those organizations are either an arm of or work extremely closely subscribing to the tenets of HSUS.  There were also several very similar bills introduced throughout the U.S. all heartily endorsed by HSUS. 

Prove me wrong.

Iowa’s current laws DO work as attested to by  FIVE years’ of FOIA’s from Iowa Courts.  Facts conveniently NOT presented by the proponents of this bill.   I also have over 20 studies done both nationally and internationally, showing harsher penalties are NOT a deterrent to anyone intent on breaking the law.  Any law.  We see that every day with other issues.  Another fact conveniently ignored. 

Read closely the definition of injury and serious injury, pg. 3.   Read very closely the so called exemption for commercial establishments, pg. 4 (L), pg. 6  (2), pg. 8 (K).  I.E.  better never have a single inspection write up, regardless of how minor, easily fixed, or even resolved in front of the inspector.  If it’s on the report, you ARE guilty.  I challenge anyone to refute that within the context of the bill.

Please contact the governor’s office once again.  If you have not done so, PLEASE do so ASAP.  If you know of others that are not aware of this bill, especially your fellow producers and customers, share this and encourage them to also contact the governor requesting a VETO.  

The Cavalry Group has made it so easy to make your contact.  Do it TODAY!      

Dear Cavalry Group Members and Supporters:

Last Friday, the Iowa legislature passed HF737 in the Senate, 44-4. Such a disgrace to see this onerous and animal rights-driven piece of legislation pass in a state like Iowa. HF737 is now on its way to Governor Reynolds desk for signature.

In an agriculture-based state such as Iowa, during a time of economic recovery after Covid-19, and when small business should be supported by eliminating regulations instead of piling them on, Iowa HF 737 is a disastrous, animal rights-driven bill which will impose an intense increase in regulation and enforcement on all animal owners who will be subject to the interpretation by animal control officers who will be tasked with enforcing it. 

Originally intended to regulate dog breeding kennels, HF737 will negatively impact ALL animal owners. And, w hile animal abuse should NEVER be tolerated, HF737 will do nothing to stop those already in violation of current laws.

  • HF737 is an effort by animal rights extremists to redefine what is considered ‘humane treatment’ in an effort to appeal to loud sentiment from a small, very vocal minority. 
  • Especially concerning is the unconstitutional violation of due process, allowing for the displacing of one’s animals before any disposition hearing should animals be confiscated.
  • HF737 is not only unconstitutional, but also prejudicial. What other industry faces such outrageous penalties including a psychological evaluation?!
  • HF737 is a knee jerk piece of legislation perpetuated to address the bad actions of a few. Sad that we cannot enforce the welfare laws already in place instead of tightening the noose with an onerous and costly bill such as HF737. 
  • HF737 which will impact, not just commercial dog breeders, but ALL animal owners who will be subject to the overreaching penalties of HF737. 
  • HF737 is guaranteed to discourage animal enterprise in Iowa and will likely urge many businesses to fold. 

Most importantly, each piece of legislation passed at the hand of animal rights extremists further impacts ALL farmers, livestock owners and producers, and domesticated animal breeders with their so-called “anti cruelty” campaigns imposing unnecessary, onerous, prohibitive, and costly regulations that will result in the complete elimination of all pet and livestock breeding, farming, and agriculture in America. 

Iowa Governor Reynolds ran for office with the promise of working to support Iowa’s vibrant economy and “empower rural Iowa” with her campaign slogan, Opportunity Lives Here .” HF737 does not align with her pledge to grow the economy, support small business, and encourage rural Iowa to prosper.

Please send Governor Reynolds an email now and respectfully urge her to VETO HF737 by clicking the tab below.

Gratefully yours,

Mindy Patterson


The Cavalry Group

*Betsy Fickel,