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Saturday’s “Blue Pride Back the Badge Rally” in Des Moines will feature conservative investigative journalist and current congressional candidate Laura Loomer. Loomer has quite the story to tell and will share an important message with those in attendance.

“I consider myself to be a law-and-order candidate and that’s what I ran as during the 2020 election cycle and that’s what I’m running as now,” she told The Iowa Standard on Thursday. “Preserving law and order is one of my top campaign platforms. We’ve seen the civil unrest that has really unraveled in our country the last two years with the rise of violent terrorist organizations like Antifa and BLM burning cities to the ground. With violence has also come the dehumanization and just overall campaign, which appears to be backed by the Democrat Party and the progressives in Congress, to dehumanize our police officers.”

Backing the blue, though, should be a two-way street Loomer said. While many conservatives feel strongly about backing the blue, enforcement of the COVID mandates has put a “bad taste in people’s mouths.”

“Another message I want to convey while I’m in Iowa is that if Americans are to back the blue the blue also needs to back us,” she said. “One of the more disturbing things we’ve seen over the last year in our country with the rise of all these draconian and unconstitutional COVID mandates and lockdowns is police officers enforcing these unconstitutional mandates and arresting people for not wearing masks, arresting people for violating lockdown orders, arresting people who are, you know, saying no to these unconstitutional policies that are being enacted in states across America where people are having their personal and medical liberties violated.

“My message is that we need to still continue supporting the police and backing the police and calling for law and order, but police officers need to understand that they are officers of the law and the law here in America is the United States Constitution. If there are mandates or lockdown orders that violate the Constitution, I’m calling on police officers across the country to start saying no to enforcing these unconstitutional mandates that violate people’s constitutional rights.”

Loomer was president of the college Republicans at Barry University in Miami when she was still a student. She began working for Project Veritas while in college in an effort to expose corruption, fraud and abuse. She started her own media company, Illuminate Media, traveling the country to confront politicians and expose fraud.

One of the organizers of Saturday’s event met Loomer while she was in Minnesota exposing Ilhan Omar well before Omar was elected to Congress.

Loomer was de-platformed by Big Tech for calling Omar “anti-Jewish.”

“Since then I really decided to dedicate my career to fighting for the free speech rights of all Americans,” Loomer said.

She has filed several lawsuits against Big Tech.

“Ultimately the censorship is what inspired me to run for Congress because I view Big Tech election interference and Big Tech censorship as the most pressing political issue not only in our country at this time but also in the entire world. Essentially what you have is about five billionaires in Silicon Valley who have total control over what everyone in the world sees, the information they read and what they’re able to say online. Now, as we’ve seen with the 2020 elections, they completely interfered and helped Democrats steal the election — including my own.”

Loomer was the first de-platformed candidate, she said.

“I am the most banned and censored person in the entire world. I am literally banned on every single social media site. Chase Bank once shut down my online banking access.”

While Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed legislation addressing Big Tech censorship, Loomer said it wasn’t made retroactive despite her working with his office and other lawmakers.

“Currently the bill doesn’t provide protection for me or President Donald Trump,” she said. “I’m hoping amendments can be made next legislative session because it’s important for us to end Big Tech election interference once and for all.”

You can keep tabs on Loomer’s congressional campaign here.

The Blue Pride Back the Badge Rally will be held Saturday, June 12 in Des Moines. The event is being held at 25 E 1st St. to show appreciate for law enforcement officers and public safety officials.

Laura Loomer will be speaking along with Traci Ciepiela, retired law enforcement who had a friend killed by a Black Lives Matter member.

The event is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page.

Author: Jacob Hall


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