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My Legislative-Citizen of the Week Award this second week of June in 2021 goes to Mr. Jim Hoft! Jim is editor/founder of The Gateway Pundit, a premiere national news organization. In 2016, Jim won the the AFP Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism. Prior to that, he was recipient of the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award.
Reporting from a science and reason background, Hoft alerted those (with eyes to see, and those with ears to hear) to (take your pick) the quasi-semi-pseudo-neo-crypto-science of so-called expert Washington medical pandemic virology bureaucrats.
On March 15 of 2020, FIFTEEN MONTHS AGO, I messaged the following to friends—
Here are the FIRST FIFTEEN FARCICAL FLUBS OF FAUCI, per reporting by Hoft on May 12 of 2020, in The Gateway Pundit.
•Tony “Fauci says he warned Trump in January that the US was in real trouble but that is not what he said publicly. In January (2020) Dr. Anthony Fauci told Newsmax TV that the United States ‘did not have to worry’ about the coronavirus and that it was ‘not a major threat.’“ Hoft, The Gateway Pundit, May 12, 2020, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci warned of an apocalyptic coronavirus pandemic — then just weeks later he compared the coronavirus to a bad flu.” The Gateway Pundit, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci based all of his predictions on the garbage IHME models that were OFF BY MILLIONS and then later told reporters, ‘You can’t really rely on models.’” Hoft, Ibid.
•”On March 20, 2020, Dr. Fauci jumped in and ‘“corrected” the president’ during a press briefing on hydroxychloroquine treatment for coronavirus saying, ‘You got to be careful when you say “fairly effective.” It was never done in a clinical trial… It was given to individuals and felt that maybe it worked.’ Exactly two weeks later hydroxychloroquine was deemed the most highly rated treatment for the novel coronavirus in an international poll of more than 6,000 doctors.” The Gateway Pundit, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci pushed these garbage models every step of the way. A month ago Dr. Fauci claimed 1 million to 2 million Americans would die from coronavirus. Then he said 100,000 to 200,000 Americans will die from the virus. Three weeks ago (in April 2020) he agreed 81,766 Americans would die from the coronavirus. Then by that Wednesday the experts cut the number of deaths to 60,415 projected deaths.” Hoft, Ibid.
•”On Easter (2020) Dr. Fauci suggested President Trump should have shut down the economy in February…  When the number of known cases in the US was around 100.  Fauci later walked back his attacks.” The Gateway Pundit, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci said cruises were OK on March 9th (2020).  That was a huge error.” Hoft, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci said malls, movies and gyms were OK on February 29th (2020).  That was another huge mistake.” The Gateway Pundit, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci was wrong about the first coronavirus deaths in the country. Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and the CDC were off by nearly a month. California officials (in 2020) revealed in April that a patient in Santa Clara died from coronavirus on February 6th not February 29th.” Hoft, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci and the CDC missed the millions and millions of US citizens who had already contracted the coronavirus before the draconian lockdowns took place.  Knowing this could have prevented the economic calamity.” The Gateway Pundit, Ibid.
•”On April 15, 2020, Fauci endorses Tinder hookups, unbelievably. Then said Americans should never shake hands again.” Hoft, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci relied on corrupt W.H.O rules to lock down the United States and destroy the US economy. Meanwhile, this delays the herd immunity that is needed to prevent a future outbreak of this deadly virus.” The Gateway Pundit, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci and Dr. Birx used the Imperial College Model to persuade President Trump to lock down the entire US economy.  The Imperial model has since been confirmed as A COMPLETE FRAUD.” Hoft, Ibid.
•Tony “Fauci warned that Georgia would see a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths by opening their economy too early. He was wrong again– In fact the opposite happened.” The Gateway Pundit, Ibid.
•And in May 2020 …”during testimony Dr. Fauci told Dr. Rand Paul that opening the schools would not be a good idea. Last week (end of April 2020) The Netherlands and Switzerland reopened their schools after finding children are not at risk from coronavirus and are not carriers of the virus.” Hoft, Ibid.
Fast Forward to today as the New York Post reported: “Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) warned White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci to ‘cut the crap’ Wednesday night after Fauci described criticism of him as ‘attacks on science.’
“But Dr. Fauci needs to cut the crap. This isn’t about Dr. Fauci. It’s not about his feelings, and I’m sorry if his feelings were hurt. You know, maybe he ought to buy an emotional support pony.”
Phony Baloney, Tony! More to come, folks. We’re just getting started. Say yes to science and no to Faux-ci. Let’s not allow neo-Fauciism to become neo-Fascism.
Congrats to Jim Hoft! Together, he and I stand FOR science, and AGAINST voodoo pandemomics.

Author: Jon Jacobsen, B.S.B.A., J.D.

Rep. Jon A. Jacobsen, J.D. (R-Council Bluffs), is newly re-elected member of the Iowa Legislature, as Iowa State Representative from District 22 (Pottawattamie County). Jacobsen serves in the House as Vice-Chairman of the Commerce Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Ethics Committee, and in addition is seated on the State Government and Agriculture Appropriations Committees. Jon won his 2016 election by the largest percentage margin of votes in modern district history, engendering a huge voter turnout of nearly 75% of all registered district voters for a mid-term, non-Senate cycle. A married father of three, Jon is a bank senior trust officer/vice president, attorney (Univ. of Iowa Law alumnus), and has won a dozen Iowa Broadcast News Association Awards for Radio programming, including for Political Coverage, Public Affairs, In-Depth Series, Feature, and Overall Best Use of Online Media.


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