During the March Madness NCAA Tournament we have been conducting our own bracket.

We put together a list of 32 Republicans who may run for President in 2024. We used a somewhat scientific method to determine seedings 1-4, and then did our best.

We are now to the point where there is a “Final Four.”

As such, we want to highlight each of those candidates who has advanced to The Iowa Standard’s Final Four and look how they got here — we’ll also highlight a few comments.

President Donald J. Trump was a No. 1 seed in his quadrant. President Trump opened the tournament with a lopsided victory against eighth-seeded Carly Fiorina.

Tina said she had never heard of Fiorina, but after checking her website “her words are a big sky thinker, she speaks in the same tone as Pelosi. Appearance she would lose against the Democraps.”

Our friend Brad warned that “if Carly gets any votes we’ll know you’re using Smartmatic software.”

Nobody chose Fiorina.

In the second round, President Trump knocked out Sen. Rick Scott. Again, Scott did not salvage a single vote.

Sen. Rand Paul gave President Trump a little more of a run for his money. But it still wasn’t close.

Paul earned nine votes, but President Trump won easily.

President Trump is now one of four left standing.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall