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On Friday we wrote about the 10 questions we’d like to ask of the Republican presidential candidates. Those are included below this story. We also wanted to share some of the questions sent by our readers:

1. How would you try to restore the Constitutional Sovereignty concerning the balance of jurisdiction between State Sovereignty and Federal Sovereignty as stated in Article One, Section Eight and reaffirmed by the Tenth Amendment?

  1. As the Federal Government is on a “Runaway” course; spending, overreach, size and scope, bureaucratic agencies, etc. why not just eliminate these agencies and trim the Federal Government to a manageable size?
  2. The abuses of all branches of Federal government have brought into focus these items; Runaway Executive Orders, Bureaucratic Overreach, Double Standards of Justice, Lack of Accountability, Lack of Transparency, Apparent Criminal Activity, yet absolutely no one is held responsible! What processes would you help install to prevent these abuses?
  3. Healthcare demands are rising dramatically due to chronic illness and an aging population, while the supply of healthcare workers is shrinking due to burnout, retirements and demographic realities. As President, how would you address this looming crisis of healthcare access?
  4. What steps will you take to vet and otherwise guarantee that your staff and advisors will truly be on your side, and more importantly, on the American people’s side, and not deliberately trying to work against you?
  5. Where do you stand on H.R.25, The FairTax Act of 2023?
  6. Will you commit to investigating a possible connection between The Swamp and China regarding the release of COVID to take down Trump?
  7. Do you believe it is time now to call for a convention of States to put limits on terms, a balanced budget amendment and across-the-board spending cuts?

Here are the questions we originally proposed:

  1. At what point do you believe human life begins and is worthy of the constitutional protections guaranteed to it?
  2. As President, would you have signed the Respect for Marriage Act?
  3. Is there any amount of money you aren’t willing to spend in defense of Ukraine?
  4. Do you believe the COVID vaccine is safe and effective?
  5. What was the No. 1 mistake we made as a country during COVID?
  6. What is your plan for the illegal immigrants already in this country?
  7. Will you advocate for and sign a law banning sex-change treatments on kids?
  8. Some Republican candidates have called for a “return to unity.” How do you plan to “unite” with people who believe a man can become a woman and that America is “systemically racist?”
  9. America is $33 trillion in debt. What will you do as President to not just cut spending, but to begin paying off our nation’s debt?
  10. Do you have suggestions for federal actions that would help ensure the integrity of America’s elections?



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