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My previous newsletter explained the bill voted into law yesterday and that will ultimately be signed by our Governor on Friday. So, you can go back and get the explanation of the bill and reasoning for my vote there. Again, what was voted on was that a woman can no longer terminate a pregnancy after an abdominal heartbeat can be detected with broad exceptions including rape, incest, and life/health of the mother.

The question is, where are you comfortable terminating the life of a baby? Never, heartbeat, a certain number of weeks, or no restrictions on termination? For myself, it makes sense that life begins with a heartbeat and I will continue to research life at conception. But what does an EMT check for when they roll up on an accident, a pulse.. a heartbeat. Simply put, it is what signifies being alive, or dead.

I keep seeing from the left that the majority of Iowans are against further restrictions on abortion. But the most reliable polls in the state of Iowa are our safe and secure elections. Republicans have been overwhelmingly voted into office in Iowa for the past decade. The Republican party has been overwhelmingly pro-life, including it in their party planks and campaigns at county, state, and federal levels for longer than I’ve been around. This isn’t coming out of left field.

With this recent vote came a slew of amendments, that in this case were set up by the minority party to try and get us to take “bad votes” so they can race to Twitter and Facebook to say “Look how crazy this is! How could they vote this way!?” But these virtue signalers fail to show the entirety of what has gone on, because tribalism and feeding the echo chambers is like a drug, and man are folks addicted.

One of those votes was an amendment to allow those 12 and under to get an abortion. Ridiculous right? Exactly! In this horrible and extreme exception, most wouldn’t have the ability to become pregnant, and ultimately, this amendment was unnecessary because the exceptions were already outlined in our bill and would apply in this extremely extraordinary circumstance.  A 12-year-old is not at the age to consent legally to having sex in Iowa and is already covered under the rape exception in the bill.

It’s the lazy media and keyboard warriors that continue to cherry-pick inflammatory headlines and half-truths to generate revenue, subscribers, and likes… sad. Be wary of the psychos on social media who with every post are cramming political positions down your throat from only one side.

I remember a few decades ago, democrats would say, “Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.” Honestly… sounds like the Heartbeat Bill. But instead, I have Democrat protesters yelling at my wife and children outside of our home (while I was in Des Moines) that they “love killing babies!” and that they were “going to kidnap our kids”. Deranged and unhinged.

If you can’t understand that most of the party extremists and activists push for absolutism and that a commonsense compromise has actually been agreed to by the adults in the room, then here’s your wake-up call, I know legislators will continue pushing for a life at conception bill in the upcoming sessions and I can see it now, the left will be begging to keep, at the very least, the Heartbeat Bill. I’m curious if there is any going back to right vs. wrong instead of being stuck in the constant tribalism of Right vs. Left.

Author: Ray Sorensen



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