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I have been consistent in the fact that I am a Constitutional conservative who believes in the free market, limited government, and the rights of the states.  These concepts, for me, reach across the entire spectrum of the American ideal, in which I believe that those who disagree with me have the right to do so.  That doesn’t mean I agree with them or that I believe they are correct in their assumption.

This is the basis of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution and, in my opinion, makes our country strong.  My doctor has told me that stress makes you stronger and so the dichotomy of the two sides causing stress is good as it makes us stronger as a country.  Perhaps it keeps each of the sides honest and in check as well.


Recently I had posted a Facebook post on my personal page, and it received a lot of attention, and I guess the official name for it is that it went viral.  I could go into the post and explain it, but it really doesn’t matter at this point.  There were several who posted against my thoughts and feelings, even though it was my own personal Facebook post and calling my supporters names such as ignorant and so forth.  It seemed they were trying to intimidate me or my supporters by name calling, aggressive behavior, and poor conduct online.  Those opposed to my post even said that as a Representative I should Represent all Iowans in my district.

That is true, I do represent all Iowans in my current district and I hope to do so in the new District 10 but that doesn’t mean I give up my own personal thoughts and feelings.  I will still represent our NW Iowa home in the best way possible, take input and advice from my constituents, and work harder than any other legislator that I know.  I will still always tell you the truth, even if you don’t like it.  I will never violate my religious beliefs, my family, or the values that I hold dear even if that means I lose an election.

So, I contemplated a long time as to why was there such a vehement reaction by some who opposed what my post had to say that they wanted to shut it down.  Then I realized that is what is happening across the country in that if you don’t agree with people, they immediately want to silence you.  While thinking about writing this newsletter, I came up with many examples of liberals wanting to silence conservatives.

For example, Supreme Court Justice Thomas recently came under fire for a speech in a major university, where a group tried to cancel him and prevent him from speaking.  I can give example after example like that.  To be fair, I’m sure this happens on the counter to liberals I am just not aware of it like I am with people that think the same as me, for the most part.

The issue is that in our country we have the right to say what we feel if it doesn’t put the life or wellbeing of another in danger or harm.  We don’t have to like what is being said but we do have the right to think our own thoughts in return.  However, if what is being said is wrong or intentionally misrepresenting then we have the duty and right to ensure the truth is being spread.

In the end, as a country, we are mostly alike.  It is the differences that cause us the problems.  Me as a staunch conservative who believes in Capitalism will always take the stance against Socialism and Communism and others disagree with me but the facts are behind me that Capitalism has brought more people in the world out of poverty than anything else combined.

Author: John Wills

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  1. Excellent. We are living through the most severely troubled days that our country AND the world has ever witnessed. The left act like spoiled children – screaming obscenities and threatening violence to all who disagree with their view of everything.

    If this doesn’t lead to civil war, I’ll be surprised. The good news is that we have more weapons.


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