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Name: Lynn Evans, Republican

Office/District: State Representative District 3

Hometown: Aurelia

Profession: Retired educator

Why running for office: “For many years, throughout my career, I’ve advised people that when positions come open — school boards, city council, any official office — good people need to be ready to step up and run. And when Rep. Huseman announced his retirement, I knew that I needed to follow my own advice and put myself out there as a candidate who is willing to serve Northwest Iowa.

“It’s important that we keep conservative Republicans in these seats who are pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and fiscally conservative. One of the big issues that I am concerned about is 55 percent of our current state budget goes towards education. Over 40 percent of that specifically goes to PreK-12. As a former educator, I think it’s important that we have someone at the table with experience in Iowa school finance and in developing and instituting education policy.

“Right now, you don’t have anybody, at least not on the Republican side. We have some who have been former teachers or former college professors, but none who have been school administrators. I think we need a conservative Republican who is a former school administrator who understands education policy and will help protect our conservative family values and develop policies that affect our children’s education.

“I also want to make sure that those dollars that we allocate are ending up in the classroom for teaching and learning. I’d like to remind people that currently in our Iowa Constitution, there’s no language that protects our right to keep and bear arms. That work began in the past legislative session, a year ago, and needs to continue after this next election. It has to go twice pass the Senate and the House and then it goes to a vote of the people. So we need to continue that work. And as, work began this legislative session on ensuring that abortion is not a constitutional right. And we need to continue to work moving forward as well to protect the rights of our unborn.”

Facebook: Evans for Iowa House

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall