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Brent Bozell of the Media Research Council joined the National Awakening Coalition conference call on Tuesday to highlight what he has deemed as the No. 1 issue conservatives must address moving forward.

The Iowa Standard tends to agree with Bozell. The No. 1 issue moving forward is creating new media that will report the truth — and the stories — the Leftist media refuses to even publish.

Bozell said the way Americans think of media must change. People no longer wait for the 6:30 evening news or the morning’s newspaper. Increasingly, people are getting their news from social media. In fact, 68 percent of people who go online say they get their news from Facebook.

“That’s the direction we’re going in the news media,” Bozell said.

Media Research Council has examined the 2020 Presidential Election. Bozell said the group has focused on the issue since President Trump came down the escalator in May of 2015 and announced he was running for President.

When it comes to why the media has been so hostile toward Trump, Bozell said he believes it is because the media created Trump and feels guilty about it.

“All those years having him on The Apprentice, they created a national figure,” he said. “And now that national figure was running for President. They didn’t expect it.”

Another reason for the media’s maligning of Trump is that Trump interrupted what was intended to be the third term of President Barack Obama.

“That would’ve solidified the Obama legacy and (Trump) was promising to disrupt it,” Bozell said.

“But I think the most important thing is he did something no Republican had done before. He declared war on the media before they could declare war on him and he made it a point to come out after them with everything he had.”

Monthly coverage of President Trump revealed the media’s disdain for the businessman-turned-politician. They presented negative stories 91 percent, 93 percent, 89 percent, 94 percent of the time depending on the month. At one point, it was even 99 percent.

“Think about this man’s endless streak of victories,” Bozell said. “His endless streak of achievements — greater than any President in modern history and still it was negative coverage month after month. They tried to prevent him from becoming President. They gave aid and comfort to the effort to remove him from the presidency. And they were out to make sure he didn’t get re-elected.”

MRC surveyed Biden voters in the seven key swing states (Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada and North Carolina). They took eight issues they knew the media hadn’t covered because their analysis revealed as much. They asked 1,750 people the questions, which comes with a margin of error of 2.34 percent.

Five of the questions highlighted positives of the Trump Administration and three highlighted negatives of Biden’s campaign.

One question was whether they knew Kamala Harris has been rated the most left-wing senator in America.

“If Donald Trump nominated the most right-wing senator in America, that would be a news story every single day,” Bozell said.

In all, 25.3 percent of Biden voters did not know about that fact. Had they known, 4.1 percent said they would not have voted for Biden. If you extrapolate that out, Trump would’ve won Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. He would’ve had 295 electoral votes. He would’ve won the presidency.

They asked about the Arab/Israeli peace agreements. At the time there had been three constructed under President Trump, which had resulted in three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. A shocking 43.5 percent of Biden voters did not know about them.

Had they, 5 percent said they would not have voted for Biden.

They asked if they knew President Trump had spent $10 billion on COVID treatments (Operation Warp Speed). This time 36.1 percent of Biden voters said they weren’t aware and if they would’ve been, 5.3 percent would not have voted for Biden.

They asked if they knew there had been one million jobs created between May and September. More than 39 percent of Biden voters were not aware and 5.4 percent said they wouldn’t have voted for Biden.

GDP growth in the third quarter hit 33.1 percent — smashing every record known to man. Forty-nine percent of Biden voters did not know this and 5.6 percent would’ve not voted for Biden had they known.

More than half of Biden’s voters did not know America was energy independent for the first time. Had they, 5.8 percent wouldn’t have voted for Biden.

“In other words, on all of those issues, Donald Trump would’ve won 295 electoral votes,” Bozell said. “But that’s just the beginning.”

What about Biden’s sexual assault allegations?

“Now, remember, when there were sexual assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh, the media stopped their national coverage of everything and went live for days on end,” Bozell said. “There wasn’t a single corroborating witness against Brett Kavanaugh. Now you had a person who accused Joe Biden of sexual harassment, who had no less than three corroborating witnesses.”

And it resulted in 35.4 percent of Biden voters never having heard of the allegations. If they would’ve known, 8.9 percent would not have voted for Biden.

And finally, the Hunter Biden saga. The media conveniently ignored the Hunter Biden scandal and, as a result, 45.1 percent of Biden voters hadn’t heard of the controversy. If they did, 9.4 percent said they would not have voted for Joe Biden.

“Donald Trump would’ve won all seven states, would’ve won 311 electoral votes and God only knows how many more states would’ve voted for him,” Bozell said. “The bottom line is, Donald Trump would have won in a landslide if all the news media had done is report news. I’m not suggesting they take any position, simply report the news.”

It doesn’t end there, though. Bozell said big tech censorship is another problem. President Trump has been censored more than 465 times. Joe Biden has been censored zero times.

“This is bigger than Donald Trump,” Bozell said. “This is bigger than the electoral process. What happened in November was the end of democracy as we know it. You can’t have democracy without free speech. It cannot exist. And what happened in November was, free speech was taken away.

“(Conservatives) were censored by big tech, censored on social media, censored by news media and information going out to voters was censored. So, you had voters who went to the polls ignorant of the issues, deliberately ignorant, because the far-left wanted them ignorant.

“It applies to all of it. It applies to everyone on this call and I’m telling people of faith to wake up to the fact that this country is being turned against you because your side of the story is not being told. Only the hostility towards you, only the lies about you. That is all the public is being told. So this should be the No. 1 issue of the conservative movement.”

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Author: Jacob Hall