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After she encouraged conservatives to embrace the label of “threat” from President Joe Biden, Allie Beth Stuckey delivered a message she directed to fellow Christians. She said she is thankful for all the people from different backgrounds who have joined together to address the chaos and confusion of the world, but wanted to address Christians who believe this is “our fight first.”

“We are on the front lines and always been,” she said. “We lead the way. The history of the church is characterized by resistance to evil rulers.”

She shared a quote from John Knox, a Scottish reformed, who said resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

“That is still true today,” she said. “Without this belief by Christians, America would not exist. We were founded by Christians who believed passionately that all human beings are made in the image of God and were given by Him inalienable rights that the government didn’t create and therefore cannot arbitrarily take away because someone higher than the government created them. God’s people are particularly bothersome, a threat to evil tyrants because of how little we regard our own safety and comfort.”

She said Christians are committed to a mission “higher than this world” and they “fear God more than we fear the government.”

None of the battles are primarily political or primarily a “culture war,” she said.

“Our fight against abortion, against gender ideology, for natural marriage and family, against unaccountable bureaucracy, etc., is primarily for the Christian biblical,” she said. “We have the resolve that we do because it is rooted in the belief of the first verse of the first chapter of the first book of the Bible and that is God created the heavens and the earth. He created the heavens and the earth, therefore He is the authority over all of it. Therefore He and He alone says what is and what isn’t, what’s right and what’s wrong, when life begins, what’s justice, what’s not, what’s male, what’s female, what a marriage is and what it isn’t.

“What the world calls a political battle or a culture war, we simply call being a Christian. Simply obeying God and seeking to influence everyone and everything with His goodness, with His order, regardless of who is in power, regardless of how many people agree or disagree with us. Regardless of whatever direction whatever political party goes.”

Knox also said one man with God is always in the majority. She said her perhaps most controversial stance is that she will never ever compromise on the definition of marriage.

“That is an unpopular stance, even on the right,” she said. “We’ve got members of Congress redefining the millennia-old definition between a man and a woman. But Congress doesn’t have the power to do it because God created marriage, not the government. It is pre-civilizational. It’s based on the biological complementarism of a man and a woman. It is the only child-producing institution that exists and it is the best child-protecting entity that exists and therefore a country will never survive and certainly not thrive without it.”

She said plenty of people will agree with her but say conservatism is live and let live, is low taxes, is anti-wokeness.

“I respect these people a lot these people a lot, but I disagree,” she said. “That kind of movement may be successful in temporarily pushing back against some forms of modern absurdity but it has no power to build anything good. No society has ever been successfully built on anything except for God and the natural family. Redefine marriage and you can redefine anything, including what a woman is.

“So I don’t care where the movement goes, where the political parties go. I will continue to be a threat to what I see as our country’s moral decay. I will continue to be a threat to confusion, to chaos, to degeneracy, to the exploitation of children, to tyrannical regimes, to corruption. I will continue to say and do what God calls me to do and I’m confident that you will too.”

Abe Lincoln said his concern isn’t whether God is on his side, but is instead to be on God’s side, because God is always right.

“Therefore the wisest and most effective thing that you can do in the fight for our country is to be on God’s side,” she said. “And to be a threat to evil.”


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