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Senator Jim Carlin, would you please answer the question of whether or not you believe in Climate Change and the Green New Deal? I have done a bit of research. From under the tab “Preserving Rural Iowa” on your Carlin for US Senate website we see that you wrote that farmers should have “the opportunity to profit from biofuels, wind, solar, and carbon credits.”

Can you tell me what the reason for biofuels, wind, solar and carbon credits is if you believe with our President Trump and the Patriots that Climate Change is a hoax? Is it because you are frightened of man-made Climate Change? Most of the farmers you hold up in your statement fight all of the infrastructure, infringement on rights and eminent domain required for these projects. NO ONE wants to pay for them and pay for them we will because they are all propped up heavily with subsidies. This kind of government spending is Socialism. Only products that can survive in a free-market system should survive. This is the beauty of Capitalism in a free society.

Under the tab “Saving Our Family Farms” you predict that, “During the next 40 years, the world will be weaning itself from dependence on fossil fuels, and increasing its reliance on renewable energy technologies. Farmers deserve to profit through the sale of electricity generated by wind, the sale of biomass energy produced by plants and organic waste, and incentives to install solar panels to help cut electricity and heating costs.”

Our reliance on technologies like wind and solar makes us reliant on China. China owns the rights to 80% of the Earth’s resources of rare earth minerals required for solar, storage/EV batteries and the generators in wind turbines. Afghanistan is rich in these resources. China is already moving in to secure those resources after Biden’s inept bumbling.

When it comes to a boondoggle such as the recent infrastructure bill and reconciliation bills that push the Green New Deal forward you are standing just as culpable as Grassley. If you support renewables then what is the difference between you and Grassley? Is Climate Change policy going to steer all of your decisions? Do you want a new United States or a new version of the old?

My ear is to the ground Senator Carlin. I know that shortly we will see Trump reinstated and that it will be one of the most significant events to happen on planet Earth since the resurrection of Christ. We need good lawmakers that follow a line of freedom and liberty, not government handouts and favors. God is our provider, we should never, ever rely on the government for our future. That is pure freedom.

Our Iowa GOP needs to stop looking at renewables as a payday and see them for what they are- a never-ending siphon on the finances of those who refuse to play the game. We need lawmakers who will boldly support cutting government powers and making leaders accountable for every single dollar they spend in the service of the People.

Author: Janna Swanson