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Name: Jeff Taylor, Republican

Office/District: State Senate District 2

Hometown: Sioux Center

Profession: Educator

Why running for office: “I’ve been interested in government and politics and U.S. history since I was maybe a 10-year-old. I was very young, just in American history got me interested in Presidents, then elections and then government in general. It’s something personally I’ve cared about for a long time. Professionally, being a teacher of politics at the college level it dovetails well with that as well.

“To me, I guess, I feel like I can make a difference with the background, experience, knowledge, the education that I have. I can do that not only to try to keep the state government within constitutional constraints, the state constitution and the federal constitution, but also hopefully as a Christian I can make some kind of difference because I feel like ultimately that’s the most important thing in life, the kingdom of God is not the same as the kingdom of this world, but if we can advance the kingdom of God in all kinds of realms. The government realm is one of the most important because it has the power of coercion. It also sets an example for the people if something is legal or not legal, it kind of sets a tone, saying either this is good or this is bad. I’m hoping not only for good government sake but also for the sake of the kingdom, I can make at least a modest difference in the state Capitol if I’m elected.”

Website: Taylor 4 Senate

Facebook: Jeff Taylor

Sen. Randy Feenstra (R-Hull) is not seeking re-election. Taylor is the only announced candidate for the seat.