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By Joshua Arnold

President Joe Biden just declared what every red-blooded American with two eyes and a television believes: Vladimir Putin “is a war criminal.” After initially mishearing a reporter’s question and answering “no,” the president clarified that he does, in fact, believe the Russian autocrat is guilty of war crimes. This was one “Candid Joe” moment the White House could stomach. Biden was “speaking from his heart,” explained Press Secretary Jen Psaki, “and speaking from what he’s seen on television.”


Putting his words into action will be more complicated, Representative Chris Smith (R-N.J.), who has introduced a resolution to recognize Russia’s war crimes said. “We have seen every day that civilians are being targeted, schools, hospitals.” Unlike previous wars, we don’t have to sort through the rubble to uncover the facts; the world is watching this invasion in real time. The infamous World Health Organization has already documented 43 attacks on hospitals and health facilities. The State Department’s own embassy in Ukraine reported Russian troops gunned down ten people in a bread line. Not to mention a widely reported bombing of a theater in Mariupol, where hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children had taken shelter.

Yet the State Department suggests “it needs to further investigate who launched this blitzkrieg,” said Smith. We know who; this war is Vladimir Putin’s responsibility. Therefore, “an international tribunal needs to be set up immediately,” said Smith. In these situations, “delay is denial,” and swift action could deter Russian soldiers from following through on orders to attack civilians. There are paths to international justice, but they could take a while.

Read the full story at The Family Research Council!

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  1. The real war criminals are the WEF globalists who infiltrated most governments of the world, including USA. It is the US government that paid for and built about 300 biolabs in 32 countries around the world, developing pathogens targeting specific genetic traits of certain ethnicities.

    How is this not genocide, planning to wipe out “undesirable” peoples? Sad, but true, the real war criminals are here in the US, waging war against Russia. Fauci and friends were studying migratory birds, seeking to use them to carry the pathogens over Russia and infect them.

    After protesting for years about NATO /EU encroachment on Russia, Putin had to finally act to protect the Russian people.

    Last but not least, how is it we know fake news to lie about so much, ie Antifa – BLM riots are just peaceful demonstrations, that J6 was a domestic terror attack, but all of a sudden, we believe anything they say about what’s going on in Ukraine?

    Liars will always lie, so why is the mockingbird media hoping to gain by lying about Ukraine? FRC is a great organization, unfortunately, they have been gulled by fake news into accepting the WEF narrative that Putin is the one we should fear. Ponder that…


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