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By Ben Johnson
The Washington Stand

When patriotic Americans point out the flaws and overreach of a new World Health Organization (WHO) document about pandemics, opponents often ask us, “What harm could come of adopting it?” A lawsuit filed by the Biden administration in Tennessee shows the lengths to which the administration will challenge good policy and common sense to do the global government body’s bidding.

The Biden administration’s Justice Department sued the state of Tennessee over a law it adopted to stop the spread of AIDS, on the grounds that it discriminates against the virus. The state’s aggravated prostitution law (§ 39-13-516) charges anyone who knowingly sells sex while HIV-positive with a Class C felony, rather than a misdemeanor for prostitution. The guilty must also register as sex offenders for life, because they may have exposed the other party to AIDS.

The Biden administration filed a lawsuit on February 15, claiming state law enforcement officers “unlawfully discriminate against individuals with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a disability” — a phrase that brought to mind a quip the late Pat Robertson made in the early 1990s: “AIDS is the only disease with civil rights.” The administration of Joe Biden (who could have run against Robertson in 1988) also worries that laws against knowingly engaging in sex while HIV-positive may “increase stigma against people with HIV.” An accompanying letter to the state attorney general adds that registering as a sex offender is “burdensome and expensive for individuals convicted of aggravated prostitution, many of whom are low income.”

What does this have to do with WHO? Quite a bit. Consider, WHO Secretary-General Tedros Ghebreyesus began the year by releasing a bulletin that instructed “[p]olitical leaders at all levels” to “counteract conservative opposition” and “enact progressive laws” championing “sexual rights.” Specifically, “Countries must repeal laws that criminalize homosexuality, sex work and HIV transmission,” the bulletin advises.

Decriminalizing “sex work” is a longtime goal of the LGBTQ movement. This may be due to the fact that, as Biden’s CDC recently reported, “one in three [men who identified as women] in the study reported exchang[ing] sex during the past year,” and as many as 42% of trans-identifying men (“transgender women”) in the study had tested positive for HIV/AIDS.

Interestingly, a coalition of LGBTQ activists sued to overturn the same Tennessee law last October 24 — coincidentally, the day after WHO released its first draft of the proposed WHO Pandemic Agreement. WHO is also drawing up global guidelines this month on how doctors should treat gender dysphoria — and WHO stacked the committee drawing up the guidelines with radical transgender activists.

Now, as the deadline for adoption of the WHO Pandemic Agreement threatens to pass by, the Biden administration steps up voluntary compliance with WHO mandates by suing a state for trying to stop the spread of the deadliest STD in human history.

The Biden administration claims AIDS-infected prostitutes who undergo antiretroviral therapy may achieve undetectable viral loads, and they would have “effectively no risk” of infecting their sexual partners. But there’s more to the story than that. “An undetectable viral load isn’t a free pass,” notes WebMD. “If you skip doses or stop treatment, your viral load can go up quickly. The chance that you can transmit the virus to your partners also goes way up.”

It’s possible that a prostitute who trades sex for money, or drugs, may not maintain the most conscientious health and prescription regimen. More to the point: The lawsuit does not ask legislators to revise the law only for HIV-positive prostitutes who test undetectable at the time of the offense. It parrots WHO’s party line in demanding any penalty for spreading HIV/AIDS be declared unconstitutional discrimination. And there is a cohort of men who have sex with men (MSM), called “bug chasers,” who seek out AIDS infection.

“Discouraging HIV-positive individuals from engaging in prostitution rationally advances the legislature’s goal to stop the spread of HIV,” says the state’s legal filing, furnished to The Washington Stand. The state plans to have the case dismissed. “We filed a motion to dismiss a similar lawsuit, and we are now giving the DOJ’s lawsuit an appropriate review,” the office of Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti (R) told TWS exclusively.

Some may argue the Biden administration would have moved to strike the law with or without WHO’s interference — in part to target Skrmetti, who has long been a thorn in the Biden administration’s side. Skrmetti sued the government in May over a rules change that worsened illegal entries across America’s porous southern border, warned the president againstunilaterally raising the debt ceiling in violation of U.S. Constitution, and condemned Title IX changes that would allow males to compete against women in sports. He has also urged Biden to declare Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations and called on Congress to eliminate Biden’s COVID-era emergency powers.

That concern is heightened by the fact that the lawsuit is filed by Kristen Clarke, assistant attorney general of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Clarke has weaponized her office against social conservatives by pursuing dozens of FACE Act charges against pro-life advocates, claiming that protecting minors from life-altering transgender procedures may violate the 14th Amendment, and suing Arizona for requiring voters to show a valid photo ID.

Biden’s election-year lawsuit likely has politics in view. The Biden Justice Department boasted about the legal filing, stating that DOJ officials “took action to combat the criminalization of HIV status” at the quarterly meeting between the DOJ’s LGBTQI+ working group and “LGBTQI+ community stakeholders.” That meeting also took place on February 15, the day the lawsuit was filed. (At the meeting with unnamed “stakeholders,” the Biden administration also touted its advocacy of transgender procedures for minors in North Carolina and Medicaid-funded gender dysphoria procedures in Florida.)

The forces running the Biden administration would undoubtedly file this ill-advised, pandemic-promoting lawsuit in any case. But without WHO, it would do so without the global health body’s imprimatur. The Biden administration, like previous Democratic administrations, has lobbied WHO to codify its left-wing views into “international law” and “best practices.” This proves only that strengthening the authority of WHO by, for instance, adopting the pandemic agreement, gives powerful nations international cover to implement bad policies, colonizes weak nations with deadly policies, and threatens health everywhere.

Ultimately, the Biden/WHO chicken-and-egg dilemma hardly impacts the bottom line: Joining WHO commits the U.S. to ceding a progressively growing part of its health sovereignty to global bodies beyond the control of U.S. citizens in the name of expanding “international obligations.” And their plans to transform the portion of social policy transformed by public health policy are nothing if not progressive. “The climate crisis is a health crisis,” said Dr Maria Neira, who leads the WHO’s Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health, recently. Biden’s CDC released an 89-page report titled, “Racism is a Public Health Crisis.” Undeniably, “homophobia” and “transphobia” will soon join the list of proliferating pandemics.

And as this lawsuit shows, when WHO and left-wing administrations collaborate, their first three victims are common sense, common decency, and our common future.


  1. If this is the bill I’ve heard about, it’s frightening!!!!!
    There’s one that takes away our sovereignty and the WHO can lock us up WITHOUT the consent of the US-THEY WILL HAVE ALL POWER AGAINST US!!!!!! THIS BILL IS ABSOLUTELY JUNK!!!!!!


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