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From the PITT Substack

Have you heard the latest headlines out of the U.K, that the National Health Service has ended “gender-affirming care” and replaced it with “holistic and appropriate” care? This is huge news—and a huge departure from the way it’s been for the last decade—and the way it continues to be in the US. Maybe you should study the Cass review that concluded that gender-affirming care provides very low evidence.

So, why is this not being reported? Why instead are Americans being subjected to breathless news reports about trans influencers getting cookies from Biden in the White House, touting Biden’s diehard support of trans-everything?

Why is Florida’s ground-breaking medical board decision not headline news? The Florida Board of Medicine and state Board of Osteopathic Medicine voted on 11/4 voted to no longer allow new medical gender transitions in under 18-year-olds in general medical settings (but allowed minors already in treatment to proceed with hormones). Poor quality of evidence was the stated basis for the new ban, Again—a huge and welcome departure from the status quo, bringing the US (or some US states anyway), more in line with the latest science-based best practices in Europe?

What about this breaking story of “Oregon woman, 32, with long history of mental health problems now sues carers for green-lighting her ‘woman-to-man’ double mastectomy that was FAST-TRACKED after brief Zoom sessions”?

Why do journalists continue to allow politicians to dominate this narrative? This is not a political issue; it is an issue about the health of children and young people—a social and political ideology that has been accepted as fact!

You know children and young people are being harmed and yet you are not publishing these stories.

I know this for a fact. Why do I know? Because I have personally interviewed with over a half a dozen journalists on these topics—so have many other parents that I know personally—but, strangely, the pieces on this topic that question the glamorous narrative of gender as a fabulous life journey never seem to be published.

At this point, what is there to lose? Why not be the investigative journalist that breaks this story in a big way?

Are you afraid of the impact it might have on election? Fine—wait until the results are in! But write your articles now, do your honest research.

Why not get the facts out? You investigated the opioid crisis that harmed adults but children being indoctrinated in schools and harmed from hormones and surgeries gets overlooked? This topic is as newsworthy as they come.

Why not write about detransitioners? Over 41,000 on the detrans subreddit—sounds pretty newsworthy! Write about Keira Bell, whose bravery in telling the truth of Tavistock led to the dismantling of the British gender medicine industrial complex.

Why not write about us parents and how our kids are being indoctrinated in schools?

The tide is turning but you are taking a blind eye.

You know it’s happening; stop being complicit.

What are you afraid of?


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