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We’re starting to see just how far abortion activists are willing to go to get their way.

Starting with violence.  A radical pro-abortion group claimed credit for the Molotov cocktail attack on a pro-life office in Wisconsin and promised “increasingly extreme tactics” ahead.  Pro-life workers received death threats after the attack.  Two hundred students surrounded two pro-life students at a high school in New Jersey, pushing and shoving them, and tearing down their signs.  Pro-abortion protesters in Los Angeles threw rocks and bottles at police, and beat one officer with his own baton.  So there you have it – abortion activists are even willing to attack the police to get their way.  Then you have politicians like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot egging them on.  She issued a “call to arms” and urged citizens to rise up and “fight to victory” for abortion rights – no surrender.


Then there’s the vandalism.  Vandals spray-painted a Catholic church in Boulder with pro-abortion graffiti – “F- the Church”, “My Body, My Choice” and such and the like.  That’s just one report.  Other churches have been vandalized, too.  A pregnancy help center in Florida was vandalized over the Memorial Day weekend, with “If abortions aren’t SAFE then neither are you” spray-painted on the building.  This is just one report; many more many more pro-life organizations have been hit, recently.

So it’s not just spray paint; it’s intimidation, and it’s being attempted at the Supreme Court, too.  Illegal protests continue outside Supreme Court Justice’s homes, and the local Progressive DA won’t do anything to stop them.  Abortion activists are laying plans to shut down the Supreme Court building next Monday, to prevent the Justices from reaching their offices and issuing opinions.

Politicians in Progressive cities are signaling they won’t enforce state laws banning abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned.  The cities include Austin, New Orleans, parts of Atlanta, Durham County in North Carolina, a Philadelphia suburb, Nashville’s county, and Fairfax, Virginia.  Sixty state and local officials pledged in 2020 not to prosecute abortion if Roe goes away.  None dare call it insurrection, but I will.

One thing to notice in all this is how organized it is.  These are not random acts of violence.  We see professionally printed signs, standard talking points, online coordination, crowdfunding, and other hallmarks of an organized effort.

So now we’re seeing how far abortion activists are willing to go to get what they want – violence, vandalism, illegal protests, attacking the police, ignoring the law, intimidation, and death threats.  If you can’t persuade people, smash’em in the face and firebomb their office.  It’s no longer about persuasion or winning the issue fair and square.  It’s about using any means necessary to get what they want and the hell with everybody else, starting with the unborn.  And it’s all supported by politicians who should be thrown out of office for their lawlessness.  The law means nothing to abortion activists and their willing accomplices in government.  Which is not surprising, because these people don’t even respect life itself.  My mother was the best political scientist I’ve ever known.  She said a society that does not respect life is in trouble.  Amen to that, and I will add a society that no longer respects law will soon find it no longer has the Rule of Law, leaving it to the worst and most ruthless among us to determine what goes on here.

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