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It didn’t take more than a few minutes after the Texas school shooting was reported yesterday for Democrats to start howling for gun control.  ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ is a favorite motto of the Left.  This is what the Democrats and the Left do.  It’s how they roll.

That’s not the only cynical ploy of the Left.  Learn some of the others and you will no longer be taken in by the Left’s despicable tactics.  Today, we expose their methods.

The D.C. government received $750,000 in settlement money from the Trump organization and inaugural committee in a lawsuit over supposedly improper use of the Trump Hotel during Trump’s inauguration.  Now the D.C. government is channeling that money to two left-wing groups.  One preaches antiracism and is associated with a bevy of left-wing causes like lowering the voting age and providing government housing to all.  The other pushes abortion and income redistribution.  See how this works?  Extort money in court cases and spread the wealth around to your leftist buddies.  The Obama Justice Department excelled at this, extorting settlements in the billions of dollars that floated many a leftist boat.

Federal COVID relief money was handed out to schools based on enrollment.  The Los Angeles Community College District kept the money flowing by not looking into reports of thousands of fake ‘bot’ students – computer programs that imitate human users.    Another strategy used by leftist institutions of higher learning is to charge outrageous overhead on federal grants and use the extra cash to finance their diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.  Not to be outdone, House Democrats recently loaded up the China bill with all kinds of money for completely unrelated diversity, equity, and inclusion hiring in federal agencies.

Another favorite parlor trick of the Left is cancel culture.  Don’t like what somebody is saying?  Just shout them down or, better yet, get their events canceled completely.  Transgender activists planned to disrupt an event at Texas A&M in February featuring Matt Walsh, author of a book warning of the dangers of gender transitioning young children.  But the activists’ entire plan leakedonline.  It called for dressing normally then, 20 minutes into the event they were to stand up, raise their left fist, and start chanting ‘Stand Up, Fight Back’ as a large group.  For anyone who doubts left-wing cancel culture is real, I recommend you watch a truly stunning video of what happened to Jeff Younger, invited by a conservative student group to speak at the University of North Texas in March.  In the video, you will see an entire room full of activists pounding on the table, shouting slogans in unison, flipping the bird, and otherwise being as obnoxious as possible to prevent Younger from speaking.  I’m only 15 minutes into the video, but the activists are literally going insane right in front of your eyes the entire time.  Younger, you might know, waged a custody battle with his ex-wife over her gender transitioning of one of their kids.

When all else fails, they just lie.  Why not?  It sounds good and a lot of people will believe you.  I’m sure a lot of people believed Elizabeth Warren when she claimed earlier this year Elon Musk paid zero in taxes.  In fact, he paid the largest income tax bill in U.S. history – $11 billion.  See, it starts with small lies, like claiming you’re part Indian.  Before long, you’re telling whoppers.  The bigger the lie, the more people will believe you.  That’s a basic operating principle on the Left.  They got it from their socialist buddy Hitler.

Then there’s the House Democrats allegedly using privately funded staff to investigate oil companies for spreading ‘disinformation’ on climate change possibly in violation of federal law and House rules.  The Democrats deny they did anything wrong, but Virginia’s previous Attorney General, a Democrat, got called out when he brought in Michael Bloomberg-funded staffto pursue the billionaire’s personal agenda on climate change through official means.

Finally, there’s my personal favorite: The Dependency Machine.  The Democrats cause a problem, then turn around and say, ‘Oh, but we’ll HELP you.’  They did it with Obamacare.  They made insurance really expensive and handed out subsidies to help people afford it.  A recent example is the Biden administration deliberately making energy prices go up, then doling out $4.5 billion to help low-income families cover higher heating bills the Democrats caused in the first place.   The whole racket is designed to make as many people dependent on government and the Democrats as possible.  It’s called buying votes.

So, when you hear Democrats howling for gun control today, just remember that never letting a good crisis go to waste is just part of their bag of tricks.  You have to wonder, where would the Democrats be without their bag of tricks?

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