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In the most recent episode of Chuck Grassley swamp politics, Senator Grassley sent out an article about me to his entire email list that was nothing more than political spin and downright fake news. The article was written by a former Mitt Romney employee (how’s that for Washington elite) and published by an arm of the Grassley Republican swamp. This biased and dishonest news source, which has tried taking stabs at my campaign in the past, reported on a letter that was written to the United States Attorney General calling for an ethics investigation into my campaign for failing to file a financial disclosure form. Aside from the fact that anyone can write a letter (I wonder if we can guess who put this person up to it?), beneath the bluster and buzz words meant to insinuate that there was actually some sort of investigation brewing, the facts are much more anticlimactic.

The facts are this: My accountant knew he wouldn’t be able to finish the financial disclosure document and its thirty-seven pages of rules before tax season was done, so I spoke with the Senate Ethics Committee and they said it was not a big deal and I could submit it at the end of tax season with a minor late fee. That is all. There is no ethics investigation and I and my nearly entirely self-funded campaign certainly have nothing to hide.

Chuck Grassley on the other hand does. Sending this smear article out to his entire email list reveals one big thing that the Grassley campaign doesn’t want you to know: they’re scared. And they should be. I would be scared too if I had a voting record that received the same Liberty Scorecard rating as prominent democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and AOC. Smearing Grassley’s primary opponent is simply a political tactic meant to deceive his constituents and distract from the real issue, which is his horrendous voting record.

I’ve been traveling all around the state since the start of my campaign. I’ve talked with a lot of folks, and I know that they don’t want a Washington elite who runs as a conservative and then votes like a liberal representing them any longer. And Chuck Grassley knows it too.

So although the article was meant to spin and twist something into a story that would serve their dirty political games, I’m glad they circulated it and exposed themselves for who they really are: sleazy political elites attempting to trick honest conservatives into voting for them.

Well, I have a piece of advice for Charles Grassley: Iowans don’t like being played the fool any more than they like you voting to certify the 2020 election, defund Trump’s border wall, confirm disastrous Biden cabinet picks like Merrick Garland and Pete Buttigieg, or how you voted for anti-second amendment legislation in Biden’s $1.5 trillion dollar spending bill. Conservative Iowans approve of your voting record about as much as they approve of vaccination travel passports- which you supported until you had a primary challenger and flipped your position that is. 

Senator Grassley’s campaign can peddle fake news attacks to his trusting base all they want, but it’s only because they can’t win this race the way an honest candidate could- with the truth about his legislative record and allowing the people to decide if they align with his values, or with mine. I’m sure there will be much more of this to come, but while his campaign tries to play sleazy politics, I will keep running my campaign the way I have: by getting the truth in front of Iowans and by sharing my values and my voting record to back them up. It’s too bad that the Grassley campaign chose political games over honesty; it’s not a good look for them.

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  1. It’s time for the head RINO to depart! I talked with him face to face at a gun show in Waterloo when Obama was in his 2nd term. I ask Grassley why the Republicans keep accepting crappy deals from the Democrats. His reply was, “sometimes it’s better to take a bad deal than no deal at all” This is why we sent Chucky to DC???? I think not! This is why we keep getting screwed while he sits in his ivory palace! BTW, Chuck owns just shy of 800 acres of nice GMO corn that he sells to the ethanol plants every year so we can have engine and fuel system damage in our vehicles!


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