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Iowans For Tax Relief 1

Reps. Windschitl, Klein get gun amendment through subcommittee

Iowa House Republicans are putting forth another proposed amendment to the Iowa Constitution that includes the right to keep and bear arms after an...

Let’s Get Real About Spending

Several states have some form of a spending or tax limitation either in their code or in the state constitution. Iowa does not have...

Bill prohibiting impeding traffic in left lane gets out of subcommittee

House File 74 is an act relating to the operation of motor vehicles in the left-most lane of certain roadways. It was sponsored by...

Whiting anxious to begin serving Senate District 1

Iowa Senate District 1 will have a new senator serving in Des Moines when the gavel falls on the 2019 legislation session. Republican Zach...

Secretary Pate releases 2018 election statistics showing younger Iowans participating in...

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate released statistical data from the 2018 general election today, showing younger voters turning out in higher percentages than...

Bill filed would provide monument at Capitol for abortion victims

Representative Dean Fisher filed a bill on Tuesday to provide for an abortion victims monument on the Capitol complex grounds. Representatives Thomas Gerhold, Skyler...

Iowans Need Property Tax Relief

“What I’ve worked 50 years to build up, they’re taking away from me. Pie in the sky assessments allow government to grow and prosper...

If Only An Unborn Baby Were a Bald Eagle’s Egg

Rekha Basu's trashing of the heartbeat law shocked nobody. In reality, if the Republican House and Senate passed a controversial bill she applauded, there'd...

Heartbeat law lawyer: Consider a neutrality amendment

One of the most intriguing parts of last Friday's pro-life debriefing that followed the hearing on Iowa's Heartbeat law was talk of a constitutional...

LETTER: Red lights needed on back of bicycles

On this weekend of Jan. 27th in Des Moines, they are hosting the Iowa Bike Expo. What a great opportunity for cyclists from around...
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