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Dordt University, located in Sioux Center, has allowed the book “My Princess Boy” in its library. The university is a private, Christian institution, so there is much more discretion allowed for what materials are on the shelves.

The book is meant for 3-6 year olds.

“My princess boy is 4 years old. He likes pretty things. Pink is his favorite color. He plays dress-up in girly dresses. He dances like a beautiful ballerina,” the book starts.

“My princess boy loves his dad. His dad tells my princess boy how pretty he looks in his dress. His dad holds his hand and tells him to twirl,” it continues.

And, of course, it isn’t the gender-confused movement that is the odd one, it’s those who think gender-confusion is not right.

“When he wants to buy a pink bag or a sparkly dress, people stare at him. And when he buys girls things, they laugh at him, and then they laugh at me. It hurts us both…and then my princess boy was a princess for Halloween. He went trick-or-treating with his brother. One woman laughed at him because he was in a princess dress. My princess boy asked, why did she laugh at me. I told him some people don’t think boys should wear dresses.

But a princess boy can wear a dress at his school and I will not laugh at him. And a princess boy can wear pink and I will tell him how pretty he looks.”

The Iowa Standard has reached out to Dordt University president Erik Hoekstra for comment.