Reactions rolling in regarding potential Feenstra, King primary

State Representative Skyler Wheeler said both Feenstra and King are strong conservatives.

“I love both of these guys,” Wheeler said. “They have worked very hard to push conservative agendas in their respective chambers. Congressman King has been the subject of some outrageous attacks. The Left hates him because he is an outspoken conservative.


“I do not question Sen. Feenstra’s conservatism either. Having worked with him for over two years now, and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him over the most conservative agenda ever pushed in Iowa, one can’t paint him as a moderate.”

Rep. Wheeler highlighted some early support from Feenstra coming for an unusual group.

“I do see a number of leftists supporting him early, but I hate to break it to them, he isn’t with you on the issues either,” said Wheeler, who is likely a top-choice to run for Feenstra’s Iowa Senate seat. “Whichever way it goes, I will maintain my appreciation for both men and will get behind the one who wins fully to keep this seat in the hands of a staunch conservative.”

State Senator Jason Schultz, who serves with Feenstra, told the Sioux City Journal he was surprised by Feenstra’s announcement.

“It is unnecessary. Congressman King reflects the district very well. I am fully behind him,” Schultz told the Journal.

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann put forth the following statement:

“As we are in all legitimate primary contests, the Republican Party of Iowa will remain neutral in this race. The good people of the fourth district will have the ultimate say.”

Author: Jacob Hall


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