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With the announcement of State Sen. Randy Feenstra challenging Congressman Steve King in a Republican Primary, three obvious questions must be answered by Feenstra:

1. Does he believe, like the Left, that Congressman Steve King is a racist, white supremacist? He will not be able to get through this campaign without answering that question.

2. What does he intend to do in regards to the illegal aliens already in America? Is it possible he’d ever consider supporting a pathway to citizenship?

3. Is he ready for his first ever campaign? Sen. Feenstra has never had an opponent in a primary or a general election for any office. This one he can’t answer verbally, he will have to prove it. A Branstad/Reynolds-like campaign will not win in the conservative Fourth Congressional District. That means Feenstra will have to be bold and willing to confront and talk about controversial issues.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall