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Congressman Steve King provided some historical perspective to his current situation in the United States House of Representatives as a man without any committee assignments during Saturday’s town hall in Sioux City.

Since the beginning of the records, four representatives have been removed from committees.

“Three of them are convicted of federal felonies,” he said. “They can’t even point to a rule that they think I circumvented, let alone violated. That’s how egregious this is.

“Another piece of this is, there’s not a single person anywhere that’s ever stood up and said they’ve received from me any kind of disparaging or disrespectful or, let alone, any kind of racist behavior. I don’t have a single accuser. Brett Kavanaugh had about six, seven or eight of them. None of them held up, I don’t think. I have none.”

He likes to ask his constituents who they trust more — Steve King, or the New York Times?

“How could it be that a New York Times reporter discovered something in a telephone interview that none of you have been able to see before, then or since,” King said. “That’s another injustice that needs to be corrected.”

Previously, King said he spent an average of 2.5 or 3.5 hours per week in committee. Sometimes it’d be more, sometimes it’d be less.

“I’m not there,” he said. “But we lost the majority and Nancy Pelosi decides what happens in the House of Representatives, so Republicans serving on committee now don’t have any leverage to do anything except play defense. If this was ever going to happen, this is the time where it is the least painful, although I don’t like it one bit.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall