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***WARNING: The following story contains pictures and passages from sexually explicit books that are not appropriate for kids, though Democrat leaders across Iowa are championing them. It is not recommended for minors to see these images or read these passages.***

During a discussion at the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Democrat State Rep. Jennifer Konfrst called people in Iowa who are concerned about sexually explicit, vulgar books in high school libraries are “fringe elements in the state.”


Konfrst, who is a college professor and leader of Iowa House Democrats, said Iowa must remain a “welcoming place.”

“Iowa’s brand gets damaged when stories are out there about things that fringe elements in the state are doing or proposing,” Konfrst said.

The conversation was centered on sexually inappropriate books in school libraries.

Parents across the state have expressed concern regarding the books, but Konfrst seems to be content to defend the radically sexually explicit books rather than Iowa moms and dads.

Just as a reminder, here are some of the images Konfrst is defending from the book “Gender Queer.”

And here are some of the passages Konfrst is supporting. Keep in mind those who oppose these images and passages are “fringe,” according to the Democrat House leader.

“I remember the condom was blue and flavored like cotton candy. I put some lube on and got him up on his knees and began to slide into him from behind. I tried not to force it because I imagine that would be painful and I didn’t want the moment to be painful, so I eased in slowly until I heard him moan…

“I was extremely nervous, but this was my ass and I was struggling to imagine something inside me and he was large, but I was gonna try.”

And another excerpt from another book:

I contemplated whether I would write about you now that you are dead. Because you were Nanny’s first grandchild to pass away. But I know that she loves you and that she loves me, and nothing that happened between us would ever make her feel differently about that.

So I decided to write about us now that you are dead…

I was about thirteen years old when it happened. It was the Christmas holiday, and everyone was home. It was a night like every other until the phone rang. There had been a fight at our grandmother’s house between our cousins Ral and Rasul. They were older teenagers and unfortunately, they always seemed to find a reason to fight. Our aunts and grandmother broke up the fight, but you decided that you didn’t want to stay over there for the evening. You asked if you could stay with us, which my mom said was fine.

You waited a few more minutes before asking me again, “Matt. You awake?”

This time I whispered back, “Yes.”

You then spoke a little louder and said, “Garrett. Garrett!”

G didn’t respond. It didn’t take much for Garrett to go to sleep, and when he did fall asleep, he slept like a rock. You then asked me, ‘Do you feel that?’”

“Yeah.” But I laughed and said, “Get your hand off my butt.”

You giggled. “That’s not my hand.”

“You’re lying,” I said. You then placed both hands on my hips, as we lay side by side. There was still something poking me.

You were fully erect at this point. I was nervous. “We gonna get in trouble.”

“You can’t tell anybody, okay?” you said. “You promise that you not gonna tell anyone?”

I promised. You then grabbed my hand and made me touch it. It was the first time I had ever touched a penis that wasn’t my own. I knew what was happening wasn’t supposed to happen. Cousins weren’t supposed to do these things with cousins. But my body didn’t react that way. My body on the inside was doing something, too…

By now we were both touching each other. I tried my best not to enjoy it, because you were my cousin. We were crossing a line that family should never cross. But it felt so right for a boy who always felt that he was wrong…

We sat there for about ten minutes before you finally stood up. You then had me stand up with you. At this time, you were much taller than me, probably by about a good foot. You told me to take off my pajama pants, which I did. You then took off your shorts, followed by your boxers. There you stood in front of me fully erect and said, “Taste it.” At first, I laughed and refused. But then you said, “Come on, Matt, taste it. This is what boys like us do when we like each other.” I finally listened to you.

The whole time I knew it was wrong, not because I was having sexual intercourse with a guy, but that you were my family. I only did that for about 45 seconds before you had me stop. Then you got down on your knees and told me to close my eyes. That’s when you began oral sex on me as well. It was the strangest feeling in the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a handbook to learn sexuality as a queer boy. My crash course was happening right in front of me, and despite the guilt I was feeling, there was also a euphoria…

After a minute or so, you stopped. You then laid me on the ground and got on top of me. You began humping me — back and forth, back and forth — never penetrating me, though…

You eventually got up off me and told me to come to the bathroom, that you wanted to show me one more thing. You turned on the light and closed the door. You began stroking yourself in front of me. I just stood there nervous because I didn’t know what to expect next. You said, “Just keep watching, Matt.” So I stood there and watched you for several minutes. 

Then you began to moan slightly. I took a step back because I didn’t know what was about to happen, and then it did. You ejaculated into the toilet in front of me…

Watching you ejaculate was shocking. I remember you telling me, “It’s semen. One day when nobody is around, you should do this until you get this feeling you never felt before and bust.”

I looked at you and said, “I can’t do that, I’m not old enough yet.”

You laughed. “Matt, you are old enough. Go ahead and try it.”


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