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Why is nobody talking about the Equality Act when they talk about the United States Senate race here in Iowa? 

It’s a question Iowans should be asking as early voting begins.

The “Equality Act” would rework America’s federal civil rights framework and provide special privileges in the private sector for sexual orientation and gender identity.

The ever-growing list of categories under that sexual orientation and gender identity umbrella would be placed in civil rights statues alongside characteristics like age, race, national origin or others provided protection under the Constitution — like religion.

This legislation would harm untold communities and individuals. Potential victims include family-owned businesses, women and girls, teachers and students, the medical community and Americans at large because it takes direct aim at religious liberty, according to the Family Research Council.

Should the Equality Act become law, there is concern it would “obliterate” views from the public square that Justice Anthony Kennedy said are “held in good faith by reasonable and sincere people here and throughout the world.”

Religious liberty protections would be the immediate victim of the Equality Act without any doubt.

It is 100 percent fact that a person’s sexual preferences and behaviors can change throughout life.

Lawmakers are already well aware that this bill will cause harm to Americans. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said last year, “if there is some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it.”

According to American Principles Project, the Equality Act will “erase” women, take away the voice of parents and children, shut down small businesses, shutter charities and muzzle doctors.

Men, even sexual predators, would have access to women’s private spaces. Men would also dominate women’s athletic competitions. In fact, battered women’s shelters would be open to men!

Restrooms, locker rooms, team sports and even overnight accommodations on school trips would be laissez-faire. Parents and children would have no say in who accesses those areas.

Similar laws have already shut down Catholic Charities’ adoption and foster services in five states/cities. Women’s shelters and faith-based drug treatment centers will be forced to allow men into female spaces — or risk losing funding.

All physicians will be required to perform sex-reassignment surgeries and treatments, but will be prohibited from helping a patient identify with his or her actual body, preventing doctors from helping individuals find wholeness and happiness.

What the Equality Act really does is punish conscientious objectors to same-sex marriage and gender ideology.

The Equality Act also ignores science, facts and figures.

In fact, 80-95 percent of children who experience gender dysphoria naturally reconcile these feelings by the time they’ve gone through puberty. Cross-sex hormones result in increased risk for blood clots, breast cancer, severe liver dysfunction, heart disease, hypertension, uterine cancer and other health issues.

Consider this — under the Equality Act, it is entirely possible that more parents will lose custody of their own children.


Well, just a couple of years ago a judge removed a biological girl from her parents’ custody because they declined to help her transition to a male.

It happened in Ohio. It happened in America. It happened in the Heartland.

The parents wanted their daughter treated with counseling. The county prosecutor brought charges of abuse and neglect. Activists compared her parents decision to denying treatment for asthma or even cancer patients.

Pass the Equality Act and this insanity gets put on steroids.

For an average, everyday Iowan, this legislation sounds crazy.

But it is embraced by Iowa Democrats, including Theresa Greenfield, the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate.

Greenfield has vowed to be the first U.S. Senator from Iowa to sign on to the Equality Act.

“It would be with a lot of pride — personal pride and ‘pride pride’ — that I would sign on to the Equality Act,” Greenfield said.