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If, for some strange reason, you feel you have an abundance of hope for the future of our country, watch this YouTube video of the previous UNI Student Government meeting and you’ll quickly lose much of it.

Long story short, the student government at UNI had just three — count them…one, two, three — members vote to allow the formation of a Students for Life group. It was clearly stated that the group met the requirements and not a single member questioned that claim.

However, it did not matter.

The university’s policy on registration of student organizations also did not matter. The policy can be viewed at the link provided.

If you are someone who needs any additional reason to be concerned about the education system in our country that produces the sort of liberal ideas we see espoused by the likes of AOC and Bernie, well, this situation only solidifies those concerns.

I wanted to highlight some of the quotes that got my attention.

Mohammed Rawwas wasted little time in providing a gem. The guy literally said this:

“I think we might be able to agree that there are things that sort of transcend politics – things that we can kind of like universally come to some sort of consensus – these are like heinous things. I don’t think…like if I said genocide is wrong that people would find that to be particularly political or like partisan or like a biased statement,” he said. “Obviously it is political in a sense that everything is political. But I think people are sort of able to understand that this is sort of like some universal declaration that goes beyond like mere opinion. That seems troubling at first glance.”

Genocide — the deliberate killing of a large group of people.

Abortions in the U.S. since Roe — more than 60 million.

60 million people — a large group of people.

Another member of the student government, Randy Everding, said he couldn’t move forward supporting a bill when he knows there are people in his corner who would not support it.

I find it hard to believe there is anything that has universal support these days, but OK.

Caleb Stekl, who said he’s also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, called this billboard from the group “racist.”

What, he actually called it “blatantly racist.”

Then he said Students for Life is “essentially far-right.”

And Stekl provided perhaps the most enlightening statement of the meeting.

“This is an absolute disgrace to student funds, to the institution of student government.”

Wait, no, this was the most enlightening statement. And yes, it came from Stekl.

“I know for a fact, and I would have a hard time substantiating this, but I don’t think that the majority of our constituents, the vast majority, the supermajority of our constituents would ever think that this is a good idea.”

Read that again. Just focus on the first 14 words.

“I know for a fact, and I would have a hard time substantiating this…”

Gotta visit the dictionary again…

Fact — a thing that is known or proved to be true.

Substantiate — provide evidence to support or prove the truth of.

So, this kid literally says he knows for a fact something that he cannot provide evidence to support or prove to be true.

After spending time talking about the politics of a Student for Life group, Rawwas spoke again to question why others felt the conversation was political.

“The first thing is I almost fail to see the way in which this is about our political opinions on the matter,” he said.

Worse, Rawwas claims that the university’s strategic plan for diversity and inclusion is reason to refuse diverse political opinions and not include them on campus.

The hypocrisy continued as Triet Ngo provided some hope, then swiftly removed it. He noted that just because something is legal or constitutional does not mean it is right.

But he wasn’t talking about abortion, he was talking about free speech.

Or, in this case, “segregation” and “homophobia.”

“Just because it fits our guidelines doesn’t mean we should allow it to be part of our campus.”

Now, keep in mind these individuals speaking out about Students for Life are the same individuals who undoubtedly would claim to be tolerant, open-minded and inclusive.

Then read this from Ngo:

“For me, we are veering dangerously close to false equivalency as in we assume that all opinions are or, all opinions deserve sort of equal footing. Like so, uh, from what I can see, uh, of this organization, they are of the opinions that like, say, let’s see, so, yeah, they have the opinion that abortion is bad. Um, which is an opinion that has result- that can result in catastrophic consequences for productive rights I would say. Um, so, I mean we, hmm, sorry I’m not really prepared for this, this is a purely emotional response, but yeah, I would argue that not all opinions are equal. There are opinions and there are opinions that get people killed in many cases. And in that case, there’s really no middle ground here.”

Max Tensen immediately called Students for Life a “hate group.”

Tensen then added that free speech can only go so far.

“Like, yeah sure as individuals, as students at UNI, they have free speech. But when they’re organizing and applying for funds, they need to meet some new criteria and I don’t want my funds, nor do my constituents want their funds going toward ‘mobilizing an army.’ What the heck is that? Mobilizing an army of hateful advocates. So, that’s really all I had to say. I’m sorry that was emotionally charged, but I am 100 percent not in support of this bill.”

Look back at a couple of statements — the students acknowledge they are “emotional.”

The meeting circled back to Everding, who upped the ante on the irony chart.

“Do we show love and acceptance by aiding the oppressed or do we allow ourselves to speak in a language of the oppressor? I think this is an important question that we all have to answer. This is something that transcends politics. This is human rights.”

Everding, you are literally being the oppressor in this situation by not allowing a group on campus because you disagree with their views. And yes, life is a human right — the most basic human right. And by the sound of it, you don’t support it.

But realize, the oppressor is you.

Stekl returned to say that there are other groups that are against abortion but go far and above Students for Life. They provide health care to women, or alternatives or even really push adoption and provide those services.

Then he inexplicably added, “and I don’t agree with that whatsoever.”

So Stekl said he doesn’t agree whatsoever with groups who would rather see a baby be adopted than killed.


Salima, a female member, spoke about her fear that if she were pregnant, Students for Life may try to force her not to “abortion my child.” She referred to the unborn child as a baby twice after that.

So, for Salima, there’s no argument about who an abortion removes from the picture — it removes a child, a baby.

Many of these college students need a reminder on what exactly diversity is.

If we can’t laugh, we’ll cry.

Seriously, I don’t know if there is any getting through to these students. It is unlikely they see the error in their ways or their obvious hypocrisy.

The ramifications of a future America with people like this in charge are downright frightening. They are already working to silence dissent.

They are the enemy of the most basic of human rights — freedom.

Author: Jacob Hall