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Late last week we published a couple of stories about the COVID covenant Dordt University is requiring students to sign before they can attend class. You can read about that covenant here and here.

Many readers showed interest on this topic, and on Dordt in general. I live in Sioux Center, where Dordt is located. I admire Dordt’s history and the solid, biblical Christian institution it has been for most of its existence.

But there is an undeniable liberal drift happening at Dordt. In the coming weeks, The Iowa Standard will look at some of these undeniable problems taking place at Dordt.

We do not bring light to these issues because we dislike Dordt. Quite the contrary.

See, if you truly love someone or something (in this case an institution), then love compels you to call out the bad things taking place, not compromise with it.

Those who truly love Dordt University and want what is best for it will not ignore these issues, they will acknowledge them work toward a solution.

Institutional idolatry won’t help in this case.

If Dordt doesn’t reverse its current course, and do so quickly, it will not be recognizable in the future as the once great, strong, biblical Christian college it once was.

These stories will be fact-based. Some will say this or that is an isolated incident or it is taken out of context. However, when readers see how many incidents there have been and see, hear or read for themselves exactly what was said, they’ll know that the issues are indeed undeniable.

One, two — maybe three incidents could be written off as isolated or out of context. But a clear, distinguishable pattern that spans a decade shows the train is off the tracks.

We also know this problem is not unique to Dordt University. So if you have concerns with things taking place at Christian institutions, let us know and we’ll gladly publish them. You can email us at

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall