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As an Iowan, I find it incredibly disturbing, to say the least, that all 4 of our Congresspersons voted to retain Kevin McCarthy as Speaker. I find it even more disturbing that Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks signed a bitter letter admonishing these brave 8 men and women who DID vote to remove the Speaker. It’s disturbing for one simple fact, they voted to protect a serial LIAR. One who tells his own caucus members one thing, then runs over to the Senate side to tell Biden and Schumer a completely different thing. It’s incredibly disturbing that these women don’t go ballistic over the massive Human Trafficking that the Biden Admin is engaging in! It is incredibly disturbing that these women aren’t ballistic over the massive INVASION of over 10 million illegals invading our Nation, pouring into our state using massive resources in our schools and hospitals and welfare systems. They say nothing about our Nation being 33 trillion (and counting) in debt with an ever-increasing interest rate that means we will never ever even begin to start paying down the principal of the trillions we are borrowing from China to fund even more never-ending wars protecting other nations EXCEPT our own United States of America. It is also incredibly disturbing seeing all six of our delegates who remain completely silent on the weaponization of our DOJ and FBI that are deliberately targeting President Trump with bogus charges and continue to go after the average everyday American who supports President Trump. What is clear to me is that if We The People really want to change the Uniparty in Washington DC every incumbent must face an America First primary challenger in 2024 and be removed or our Country is done, over, gone, never to return to Her Glory again! Wake up Iowa! Our future depends on it.

  • Kathy H.


  1. It is pretty pathetic on the 4 congressman’s part. The 8 did show commendable resolve and McCarthy did not. But the statement: “all six of our delegates who remain completely silent on the weaponization of our DOJ and FBI” is too much. Credit where credit is due — Grassley has been exposing the corruption. And BTW didn’t Trump pretty much endorse all these people. The guy shoots himself in the foot when others are shooting at him.

  2. Yes, they need to be challenged during primaries as we are NOT married to them. When they disrespect and violate our Iowa Republican party platform they need to be challenged and voted out by Iowans who have not lost our minds. There are many true Conservative, Constitutional GOD fearing, with Steve King courage, representing us in Des Moines and throughout Iowa that will not waver or waffle to socialistic, unGODly one world view and rule. For a state that prides itself for not loosing it’s mind, we need to say you are fired to those who do not represent our values in Washington DC (soon) as time is running out for HOPE for our children, grandchildren and all future posterity.


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