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Here we go again with book banning in response to Senate File 496 in an open letter addressed to Gov. Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature. It’s a familiar rant. We have heard the lyrics to this song and dance all year as lie upon lie is spewed to a premise that is as imaginary as the rights believed by the whiners alleging it. Let me just say it up front: There is no such thing as LGBTQ rights granted in either the US Constitution or the Iowa Constitution. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, we only have God-given rights. No one is trying to infringe on the rights of those who live in a fantasy world of ninety genders and whose upstairs is not wired to their downstairs. You have and will always have the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to own property. You will always have the rights of due process should you violate or offend the rights of an innocent child. You DO NOT have extra additional extended rights that are not uniform with the God-given rights previously named. Gender identity and sexual orientation are not God-given rights. They are choices. They are choices in which you CANNOT force me or any other citizen to recognize, accept or accommodate. Now to your flawed book banning argument.

First of all, I am appalled by a letter being signed by supposedly educated people. But what’s even worse, this is the seat of the University of Iowa for crying out loud! This is Iowa’s cradle of academia putting out a letter by a dozen organizations protesting the protection of children from material that is proven to mentally harm them. And their best defense is book banning! This is a waste of tax dollars! The Iowa Legislature should cut ALL funding to these indoctrination centers of child abuse. As the bottom of my high school graduating class, the least likely to succeed in life, I am greatly disappointed while looking up at what I errantly once believed is considered intelligence! The points lamented in UNESCOs letter are all false and hold no weight. This literary piece of art can be read at www.iowacityofliturature.org/an-open-letter-in-response-to-iowa-senate-file-496/

The real issue is who has the right to raise children. This is more than politics. This even reaches into the spiritual realm. It travels back in time to the early days of Mesopotamian culture when child sacrifice was the norm in Babylon. Ba’al is the chief god of Babylon and all twelve organizations signing this letter are akin to the modern priests of Ba’al, approving of taking children not theirs and making them pass through the fire. Legend reports that ancient Moloch c. 3100 B.C.E. was a cast iron stove stoked up from the rear with firewood and shaped as a tall standing black dog holding a cast iron bowl. Its cast iron bowl was heated until red hot and then a little baby was tossed in as a living sacrifice. The baby would shriek and cry in excruciating pain until succumbing from being fried to death in a 1500˚ F oven. The priesthood musicians would play loud music to drown out the sounds of dying babies. The modern priests of Ba’al can deny doing this; you could not possibly get away with something as heinous as ancient child sacrifice, but you still burn innocent minds with the hot coals of pornography. Why do you destroy the innocent? Why is tampering with the innocent so important to you? Parents are right in their protest to remove harmful material from their children’s presence and defend them from reprobates that promote it. Who are you to cry foul? You do not have the right to touch the minds of children with sexually explicit material.

The claim by the World Health Organization that teaching “proper” sex education protects children from abuse and delivers positive outcomes is a bald-faced lie. The promotion of gender identity and an increase in child despondency, mental illnesses and suicide has a direct correlation – not exactly a positive healthy outcome. This is not some mere anomaly. It is calculated and deliberate. So, why do we allow children to be put on the fast track to self-destruction by destroying their God-given identities of male and female? Public schools and libraries were originally designed to develop critical thinking skills that led to a better life, not serve as transmission belts of indoctrination. Is it any wonder why children are so frustrated and confused? Gender identity and sexual orientation instruction is the deadly pathogen that has destroyed the innocent intellectual minds of children.

The WHO is an entity that usurps God-given rights of parents to teach, instruct, instill respect and empathy, to mold and shape the future behavior of their children. The WHO is not a societal improvement. For millennia parents have brought forth and raised the next generation. Only during the advent of the WHO has the well-being of children taken a sharp nose dive and placed the nuclear family in jeopardy. The WHO is a classic case of Münchausen syndrome by proxy where a childcare provider rushes a child to hospital emergency claiming to be a hero when they are actually the perpetrator causing or fabricating the injury. Parenting is a God-ordained responsibility if following God’s instructions in parenting. The WHO is a man-made humanist entity that drives a wedge between parents and God that has exacerbated the conflict we’re in today.

Senate File 496 did not cause all the problems cited in the statistics used by the American Library Association. They are only putting on display the results of their hands-on work. If anything, Senate File 496 will start reverse engineering the damage caused to children and return respect to parents and recognizing their God-given role as custodians of the next generation. The WHO and ALA are trying to reinvent the wheel and improve on something that they themselves as an entity, however well intended, actually caused the problem. They themselves are who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall and had a great fall and did not possess the ability to fix what they had broken. The WHO and ALA are guilty of aiding and abetting the harming of children intellectually. Providing results of their own performance have no evidentiary credibility. To find truth and justice we never allow the perpetrator of a crime to judge and justify their actions and then pronounce their sentence, remedy and recourse to the violated victim. That is not conviction. That merely continues the abuse and fails to vindicate the victim – and then allege change when nothing changes. We just repackage child sacrifice from burning to death physically to burning to death emotionally and mentally and try to sell that as an improvement.

If anything, I would encourage the Iowa Legislature and Governor Reynolds to completely eradicate all instruction of gender identity and sexual orientation from schools entirely in grades K-12, and then take steps to abolish the WHO and ALA operations altogether in Iowa while defunding them completely. Parents have all the rights for the intellectual learning and well-being of their children or none at all. Can we really trust the dog to watch the platter of hamburgers? As for here in Pella, this election is the standard bearer for all local governments and city councils to take control of the public library and remove the harmful pornographic influences called literature for children and the peddlers pushing the deadly intellectual poison. The Pella library board has proven they need oversight and supervision. Vote YES to save the children and vote the incumbent city council out. They failed to protect the innocence of children; therefore, have earned the Millstone Award. A new mayor and three councilmen stand ready to take your seats.

  • Rick Phillips



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