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On Wednesday night, we spoke with 20 people at the Spencer Library about the indoctrination happening across Iowa and the dangers of radical gender theory. And, since we were in Spencer, we also highlighted the record of Liberal Republican Rep. Megan Jones, who represents House District 6.

We were grateful to also have a reporter from the Spencer Daily Reporter show up and listen. If we truly care about “democracy” as much as some have said they do recently, then an educated electorate is an absolute necessity.

It’s important to understand House District 6, which includes Spencer, Storm Lake, Sioux Rapids, Newell and other communities. It has 7,774 registered Republicans and 3,727 registered Democrats. Liberal Megan Jones won re-election in November with 73 percent of the vote.

Democrats cannot compete in House District 6. But of course, they don’t really need to. Right now Liberal Megan Jones can influence the party in control of the Iowa House and work to kill conservative policy and influence the Republican House to be more liberal rather than conservative. A Democrat wouldn’t be able to do that.

Keep in mind House District 6 is here in Northwest Iowa. It has no business sending a liberal Republican to Des Moines. None.

Yet that is what is happening.

We performed an exercise on Wednesday night in Spencer. We asked the audience the following question:

Would you vote for someone who had this voting record as a lawmaker?

*Voted against the bathroom bill. (SF 482 – March 16, 2023)
*Voted in favor of abortion providers receiving taxpayer dollars for sex-ed. (HF 766 – April 27, 2019)
*Voted in favor of using taxpayer money for sex-change operations. (HF 766 – April 27, 2019)
*Voted in favor of keeping obscene materials in school libraries. (HF 597 – March 8, 2023)
*Voted against protecting kids from sex-change surgeries. (SF 538, March 8, 2023)
*Voted against the campus free speech bill. (SF 274 – March 14, 2019)
*Voted in favor of sanctuary counties/cities — allowing local entities to. refuse to cooperate with ICE. (SF 481 – April 3, 2018)
*Voted to raise the gas tax. (SF 257 – Feb. 24, 2015)

Obviously, nobody in that room raised their hand.

But then we let the audience know that if they live in House District 6 and if they’ve voted for Liberal Megan Jones, then they’ve already voted for someone with that voting record.

Liberal Megan Jones even tried to kill the bill protecting kids from sex-change treatments and surgeries by offering an amendment claiming parental rights include the right of a parent to turn their son into a daughter or vice versa.

At no time in human history — until about two minutes ago — did any parent anywhere believe it was a parental right to take a son and try to turn him into a daughter.

Nobody in their right mind would have made that argument up until, well, Liberal Megan Jones tried it.

Keep in mind Liberal Megan Jones couldn’t muster a “yes” vote on the ESA plan until after the bill passed in the House and after the vote was recorded. Then she walked to the well and submitted her yes vote. She had opposed ESAs previously and was a reluctant “yes” after the fact this year.

So parental rights didn’t matter in that debate, it seemed, until after the votes were cast.

But when it comes to turning a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy — that is a parental right hill worth dying on — at least for Liberal Megan Jones.

Liberal Megan Jones doesn’t just vote like a Democrat, she talks like one too. She adopted the language of the liberal Left, referring to “anti-LGBTQ” legislation and claiming it is “targeted specifically at hating gay people.”

Liberal Megan Jones claimed bills protecting kids from radical gender theory create a “culture of hate.” When it comes to a bill removing gender identity from the civil rights code, Liberal Megan Jones allegedly told a constituent she would be “shocked” if the bill even received a subcommittee hearing and promised it wouldn’t pass.

None of this is to suggest Liberal Megan Jones is just a mean person. That isn’t what we’re saying. But she is consistently wrong on some very critical issues.

This means Iowans in House District 6 need to find an actual conservative to run in the district so voters have a non-liberal choice in 2024.

Liberal Megan Jones is damaging the conservative cause in the Iowa House of Representatives more than a Democrat from House District 6 would. That is a fact.

We encourage Republicans in House District 6 to find a solid, principled conservative to run in the district. Conservatives must coalesce behind a solid choice in 2024 and they must challenge Liberal Megan Jones.

Make Liberal Megan Jones defend her voting record.

She wants boys to use the girls’ bathroom. She wants girls to shower in front of boys. She believes a child should be able to undergo harmful, irreversible sex-change surgeries in Iowa. She doesn’t believe local officials should have to cooperate with ICE. She voted against a ban on taxpayer money being used for sex-change surgeries. She voted against a bill that would keep abortion providers from receiving taxpayer money for sex-ed purposes.

Make her defend that record to the good, conservative Republicans in House District 6.



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