NEEDLE DEEP IN HEART: 3M employees sound off against company’s vaccine mandate

It wasn’t long after President Joe Biden made his COVID vaccine announcement that 3M announced it would require its employees to take the shot. And, 3M added, weekly testing among unvaccinated individuals would not be an option.

That has not sat well with employees of the company, who will not be named out of concerns with retaliation.

“Everyone is scared to talk openly due to ramifications from our employer,” one person told The Iowa Standard. “3M is a huge corporation with huge legal teams. We don’t want to put a target on a small group that can easily be fired for little to nothing.”

A number of employees reached out to The Iowa Standard to provide statements. We wanted to include as many as possible:

STATEMENT 1: “Many against this mandate were considered “essential workers” during the last year and a half. While their communities and families stayed at home they worked around the clock to ensure hospitals had the supplies that they needed in order to keep hospitals stocked to treat those critically ill and citizens wearing N-95s.  Operators had to put their lives and families on hold in order to be able to work. Other employees moved across the country to ensure plants stayed open and met US production needs. They were hailed as heroes but now are expendable if they choose to not allow 3M to make private health choices for their bodies. Religious exemptions are an option but it should never be left up to a company to decide which employees’ religious beliefs to approve over another. Plants have stayed open this entire time without any large impacts on the spread of COVID.  They observe social distancing and wear masks. If those things work then there shouldn’t be a need for a vaccine mandate. Other than the potential of an executive order nothing has changed inside plants.  3M is another example of a large corporation trying to strong-arm their employees, in their most private decisions, in order to forward the government’s agenda.”

STATEMENT 2: “Vaccines are a deeply personal & private issue for our family. We lost a family member to another vaccine just over two years ago that forever changed the rest of our lives. You should always have the right to choose what goes into your body, especially when it comes to a vaccine or medication that poses a risk to your health or life. Force and coercion should never be used. True informed consent, if that even exists anymore, could save a life.”

STATEMENT 3: “No jab in the arm but after 31 years at this place the needle is deep in the heart.”

STATEMENT 4: “There is overwhelming reason to fear the vaccine more than covid. How the government is handling this raises red flags. Why are hospital getting extra money for covid cases, and deaths, why is natural immunity which pretty much all agree is ten times better being treated like it don’t exist? Why are people coming forward will real data being shut down? And why are stats out of heavily vaccinated countries like Isreal being ignored? All of this hits home when the only covid related death in your family is from the vaccine.”

STATEMENT 5: “My Aunt received the shot last December. By March she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and checked into a mental health hospital a few towns away. She isn’t herself anymore, often glaring off into the distance and very robotic. She used to be very social and down to earth, now she just isn’t the same. Her husband has said a few times, I just want my wife back.”

STATEMENT 6: “My uncle is in his 60s, slightly overweight but otherwise pretty healthy. He got the shot in January and hasn’t been the same since. He displays symptoms of someone with Parkinson’s disease. He has had many tests done and the doctors always say he is okay. He often glares into the distance, sometimes even multiple minutes at a time. Used to be very intelligent and sociable, now when spending time with him it feels as though we are with someone that has special needs. His daughters are very sad, other relatives talk to him really slow and loud like he has hearing issues.”

STATEMENT 7: “Being mandated to take the shot is unconstitutional! How does the government know what is right for my body? We are not all made equal! We are made different and unique! This is not a one size fits all! Should we all start taking a chemo pill, just in case we might get cancer? This is still an experimental drug! There has not been enough study on it to determine what’s going to happen to the ones who took it in 5-10 years, or longer! Isn’t that against the Nuremberg Code? Forcing someone to take an experimental drug against their consent? Many say it’s not against their consent. But I ask how is it not? We are being asked to choose between the employment we have worked at for years to provide a good life for our families. Are we supposed to just walk away from that? From our retirement? I’ve been there 18 years, and for what? To be told to take the shot or don’t let the door hit you when you leave? Was my 18 years, and many 12 hour days, and many weeks on end without a day off, worthless in the employer’s eyes? 3M likes to say they value their employees, but what they are doing just confirms they only value the profit of billions a year we bring them!”

STATEMENT 8: “My family and I all just had Covid, and according to the studies are now naturally immune and in a better position than the vaccinated. Reports are saying an average of 70 people die daily from the vaccine. If I and my family are currently immune and do not transmit, why would we take the added risk of taking the vaccine?”

STATEMENT 9: “3M has repeatedly committed to strengthening a culture of diversity and inclusion, and promising to champion ESG, including naming its first Chief Equity Officer in late 2020. By immediately announcing they will rigidly comply with this mandate, they’ve decided to exclude and discriminate against a large class of their employees because of their deeply held personal beliefs. Their decision to marginalize and threaten the livelihoods of thousands of employees who have dedicated years of their lives as stewards of the company, including keeping our plants running throughout a pandemic, will have a deep and devastating impact on the company’s performance and ability to attract and maintain talent. A sad day for generations of 3M’ers who have made the company as great and impactful as it was.”
STATEMENT 10: “Multiple plants locked out all their fans on the production floor, we work with very hot extruders and are very warm in there. Also, have barricades around packaging areas that have no air flow which makes it hotter, and not ergonomically correct. The fans were unlocked temporarily but are locked again.”

Author: Jacob Hall