Proposed Ankeny plan reveals astounding inconsistency, lack of concern regarding COVID

The Ankeny School Board will meet Tuesday evening to determine the district’s return-to-learn plan. Part of this plan includes a requirement for “consistent and correct” masking for everyone.

This includes those who are 2 years and older — regardless of vaccination status.

This same plan, however, seems to believe COVID is only a threat indoors during the compulsory school day.

“Masking is strongly encouraged, but is not required, during indoor events happening on ACSD property outside of the compulsory school day (during the before and after school program, at meetings, athletics and activities).

I guess we credit “science” for figuring out the COVID time zone.

So, let’s consider what this really means. If this plan is approved, what this really means is the district doesn’t give a hoot about students, staff or visitors. Because if they really believed in “consistent and correct masking” for all 2 years and older, it would not just involve the compulsory school day.

Unless there’s a recent study I haven’t found, COVID doesn’t care what time of day it is or what event it is.

What the district really is saying is athletics and those who participate are too important to make uncomfortable.

That families can make their own decisions for their own families before school and after school, but not during school.

Location? The same.

The characters? The same.

The virus? The same.

The policy? Completely different.

This policy would follow other school districts who are doing a terrible job at trying to appear caring when really they’re simply controlling.

Board member Katie Claeys reportedly said at the previous meeting she has great concerns about the safety of children and begged staff and parents in the community to consider masking.

She didn’t qualify that with only during the compulsory school day.

Amy Tagliareni, another board member, said anyone concerned about those most vulnerable populations should mask up.

“It’s the biggest thing we have in our arsenal right now,” she said, according to The Des Moines Register.

Again, it doesn’t appear she qualified that with during the compulsory school day. I believe there is a much greater chance people in vulnerable populations or with underlying conditions are more likely to be at a volleyball game than they will a kindergarten class.

So, if the board accepts this proposal — forcing masks during the school day but leaving it optional at all other times in school — they will expose themselves as virtue signalers rather than leaders. They’ll expose themselves as control freaks rather than caring souls.

More importantly, they’ll lose any credibility they think they have when it comes to “trusting the science.” It will show how incredibly inconsistent their lack of logic is.

And, finally, it will show that the district is in desperate need of new school board members.

Author: Jacob Hall