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Former Vice President Mike Pence laid out an ambitious Day 1 Executive Action plan on Tuesday afternoon. Pence, who will be making a return trip to the campaign trail in Iowa this week, said his plan features three parts — American security, American workers and American values.

“I’m someone that believes that ideas have consequences,” Pence told reporters during Tuesday’s press call. “And it’s one of the reasons why I was the first candidate to release a plan to reverse the disastrous effects of Bidenomics and the worst inflation in 40 years.”

Pence has previously published plans to combat inflation, restore American energy independence and restore the proper balance between state and federal governments.

Today’s announcement of his Day 1 Executive Action plan also includes setting in motion what his administration’s priorities would be during its first 100 days.

“This country is in a lot of trouble,” Pence said. “I think President Joe Biden has weakened this country at home and has weakened our place in the world. I believe that now is not the time for on-the-job training. With all humility, I believe that I am the most qualified, the best-prepared candidate in this field and that we will be ready on day one to move policies that will turn this country around.”

Pence hammered the Biden Administration for the Afghanistan withdrawal, appeasing Iran and sending another cabinet member to China despite China’s ongoing provocations across the Asian Pacific.

“I’m someone that believes in peace through strength,” Pence said. “American strength becomes our very first priority.”

While adversaries are investing in their military, Biden’s administration has barely kept up with inflation, Pence said.

“The reality is that it’s impacting readiness and it’s impacting our ability to provide for the common defense,” Pence added.

With the recent debt ceiling deal requiring a 1 percent cut across the board, including defense spending if appropriation bills are not completed, Pence said he would reverse that automatic cut and ensure America is not cutting military spending.

He said he would direct his leaders and engage leaders in Congress to begin the process of building a budget plan that will be submitted to Congress within the first 100 days and will include historic investments in America’s military.

“I believe that America is the leader of the free world,” Pence said. “We’re also the arsenal of democracy. Now more than ever the American people want to see leadership that will cast a vision for a military strong enough not only to defend our nation but to ensure a more peaceful world.”

Pence cautioned against Republicans who are pushing for abandoning American leadership on the world stage. He singled out Vivek Ramaswamy’s foreign policy, which Pence said echoes the Obama doctrine of appeasement.

Ramaswamy’s potential lifting of Russian sanctions, leveling aid to Israel and signaling he’d be willing to leave Tawain to China after 2028 make America less safe, Pence claimed.

“I believe the Obama/Biden/Ramaswamy foreign policy doctrine are one and the same,” Pence said.

In addition, Pence called for reversing the “political correctness” that has taken hold at the Pentagon. He wants an end to the focus on social and transgender programs that he said are “unquestionably” impacting recruitment in all branches of the service.

As for the border, Pence said he would reverse the Biden Administration’s policies at the border and instead secure the border, restore the ability to detain and deport illegal immigrants apprehended at the border, reinstate the Mexico City policy and immediately resume construction on the border wall.

Pence will also take action to protect families on American streets. He will defund district attorneys who put criminals back on the streets and vowed to end politically motivated investigations at the Department of Justice by appointing men and women who are respected on both sides of the aisle.

The second element of his plan is putting a freeze on nondefense spending on day one. Pence added he would reverse all Biden energy executive orders so American energy could be unleashed. He’ll end work-from-home for federal workers and will reinstate rules to protect work for independent contractors. Biden’s rule requiring companies to track emissions through supply chains will be rejected, as will the ESG retirement investment rules.

Finally, Pence said he believes personnel is policy, and he promised to appoint the most conservative cabinet and judiciary ever assembled.

He will repeal all executive orders requiring the government to support abortion services at home and abroad. He will ensure all federal litigation supporting abortion efforts in states around the country are dropped.

Pence plans to end any funding — direct or indirect — for any child transgender procedures anywhere in the country. Pence said he would block funding to schools that promote child transgender procedures.

“We simply have got to protect our kids from the radical gender agenda of the American Left,” he said.

He’ll reinstate protections for religious groups of every persuasion in federal contracting, he added.

“I’m someone that believes this is a very challenging time in the life of our nation,” Pence said. “I’m running for President because I believe my years as vice president, my years as governor of a successful conservative state, my years as a conservative leader in Congress make me the best prepared, the most qualified candidate in this field. And I trust as Americans look at our Day 1 Executive Action Plan they’ll even be more confident that we will be ready day one to reverse all of the failed policies of the Biden Administration and set our nation on a path back to security and prosperity.”

Author: Jacob Hall


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