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Sidney Powell appeared on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs on Monday and provided an update on the legal challenges claiming the 2020 Presidential Election was drenched in voter fraud across the country.

Powell told Dobbs they are making progress, with one case in Georgia getting ready to go to the Eleventh Circuit asking for emergency review seeking to impound all of the voting machines in Georgia. She went a step further, saying that the U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia scheduled for early January must be stopped.

“All of the machines are infected with the software code that allows Dominion to shave votes for one candidate and give them to another,” Powell said.

A lawsuit is filed in Michigan and others are being prepared for “several other states.”

“It’s just pouring out more by the day,” Powell said. “People are coming forward with different bits and pieces of the puzzle. Different states shaved different amounts of votes. Some people were targeted as individual candidates. It’s really the most massive and historical and egregious fraud the world has ever seen.”

Dobbs talked about current Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp being sued when he was Secretary of State a few years ago. As soon as the lawsuit was filed, the server was wiped.

“Guess what happened (Sunday) while we were in the process of trying to get the state to respond to our request for a restraining order,” Powell said. “Someone went down to the Fulton Center where the votes and the Dominion machine were and claimed there was a software glitch and they had to replace the software. It seems that they removed the server.”

Powell speculated that the Georgia governor and secretary of state are corrupt and received significant benefits in deciding at the last minute to rush a contract for Dominion for $107 million for the state. Georgia lawyers argued that the state had no control of a county’s individual handling of voting machines.

“Nevermind that the state itself purchased the machines and forced them to use them and the Secretary of State is responsible for all fraud allegations,” Powell said. “It was one of the most disingenuous arguments I’ve heard any government counsel make.”

Powell said she was sent the tape from a voting machine in California where it reported 550 votes with 270 voters.

“That’s the kind of thing we’re seeing when we can get the actual documents,” she said. “Meanwhile, Dominion and its minions and other state officials everywhere are apparently out there trying to destroy everything they can get to before we can seize it and our Department of Justice and FBI are nowhere to be found. I am absolutely livid and I know the American people are livid too.

“(This) affects the bedrock of our democratic republic. It can’t be allowed to stand. Frankly, I’m about to think the entire FBI and the entire Department of Justice need to be hosed out with Clorox and fire hoses.”


Author: Jacob Hall