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These days, it is often said that the next election is “the most important of our lifetime.“ These words seem truer than ever before, as our nation becomes more divided, and as the principles of Republicans and Democrats grow further and further apart.

Republicans embrace the principles and faith upon which our country was founded, while Leftist Democrats increasingly find every reason to assault our principles and the norms upon which civilized societies operate. From gender fluidity indoctrination of our children to demands that Mount Rushmore be closed, and the faces of our Founders blown from the rock upon which they were painstakingly chiseled, the Left has become increasingly hostile to all we once held dear as Americans. I enthusiastically support Ron DeSantis as the leader best equipped to take on the battle that must be waged to save our Republic.

This is why I support Governor DeSantis:

  • Winning: Republicans must win the presidential election in 2024 if we are to have any chance of stopping the Leftist insanity that has consumed the Democrat Party and currently controls the White House. Governor DeSantis demonstrated he can put together an effective coalition by winning his last election in Florida by double digits. He won counties and voters of demographic groups in a way that must be replicated on the national scale if Republicans are to win the presidency and take control of Congress. Governor DeSantis is a winner.
  • Contrast & Positive Truth: In spite of runaway inflation, disaster at our southern border, record debt, a disastrous foreign policy, the suicidal assault on American energy and gas appliances, and all the other damage being done by the irrational wokeism that is now the face of the Democrat Party, and even with an inept President that fails to inspire confidence, Republicans cannot win the next presidential election by talking about the last one. We cannot win by engaging in petty personal attacks and dwelling on the past. We must contrast the destruction of Leftist policies with the reality that conservative principles lift everyone up. We must have the positive and truthful message that our foundational values will unite us in success as opposed to dividing us based on differences and grievances. Governor DeSantis is already effectively delivering this message, not only through his words, but by his actions as Governor.
  • Proven Results: Governor DeSantis has correctly stated that Florida and Iowa are where woke goes to die. This is because Republicans in both states have advanced legislation based on common sense and our tried and proven foundational values. As a result, both states are seeing great success, and the liberties of Iowans and Floridians are being protected by governments that understand their role in the defense of liberty. Then Congressman DeSantis was one of the nine founding members of the House Freedom Caucus, which in 2015 pushed out of touch Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) into early retirement. His record both in Congress and as Governor clearly shows he will stand up against the deep state and members of his own party who fail to embrace common sense values that put the people first. The facts are clear; Governor DeSantis is a highly effective leader with conservative values who will effectively fight to restore America while respecting our Constitution.
  • The American Way: Ron DeSantis came from humble beginnings, growing up in a blue-collar family, working his way through college, serving as captain of the baseball team, and earning his way through life with hard work and dedication. He understands the importance of self-reliance through hard work, while also understanding the role of society and government in providing a hand up to success. Governor DeSantis understands what the American way truly means and will work to protect the principles that create a strong and prosperous middle class and thriving economy with opportunity for all.
  • Pro-Life Based on Principle: I want my President to be pro-life. While it is absolutely true that President Trump’s appointments to the United States Supreme Court resulted in the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade, returning the decision on abortion to the states where it belongs, it is also true that his recent statements reflect a changing attitude on the issue of life. He stated that he believed Florida’s six week ban on abortion was too “harsh.” Florida’s law is similar to what we passed in Iowa with the “heartbeat bill,” for which I voted. We measure the end of life by the absence of a heartbeat and because life is precious and begins at conception, I see nothing “harsh” about banning abortion when there is the presence of a life-affirming heartbeat. President Trump refuses to state his current view on the issue of abortion, saying he is still considering it. I believe that the Roe Vs. Wade decision and the millions of abortions that followed have poisoned the soul of our nation. I want our next President to be unambiguously pro-life and the record shows that to be Governor DeSantis.
  • Military Service: Governor DeSantis could have gone straight from law school into a lucrative legal practice. Instead, he chose military service. He served with the Navy Seals in Iraq. Having served twenty years in the Marine Corps, I understand that military experience and the legacy of service are incredible assets for the commander-in-chief to possess. This experience is even more important at a time when there are troubling reports suggesting that divisive critical race theory and other woke concepts that undermine military readiness and espirit-de-corps have been forced into our armed forces. Governor DeSantis will restore proper focus and ensure that military readiness, not woke agendas, is the priority.
  • The Right Vision For America: I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak directly with Governor DeSantis about his vision for our nation. He understands as many of us do that things are upside down in America, that common sense is in short supply, and that our foundational values are under assault as never before. He also understands and often says that decline is a choice, and that success and a bright future for our country and our children are still attainable. Ron DeSantis has proven with his leadership and the principles he advances in Florida that things can be better. He has shown that government can work and be of, by and for the people, and he will bring this transformation to the mess that is Washington D.C.
  • On A Mission: I observed Governor DeSantis and his wife Casey as I traveled with them in Iowa. Clearly, they are on a mission, not for themselves, but for this nation we love. Governor DeSantis believes that we must restore America with innovative solutions that respect the founding principles of freedom and liberty that have served us well since 1776. He has demonstrated through his leadership in Florida that he will effectively fight to return the government to its rightful owners: the American people.

Ron DeSantis is running for president to lead the Great American Comeback that is absolutely achievable with the right leadership in the White House. Just as America has delivered great leaders in the past when we needed them most, so it is today. Without hesitation, I believe that leader is Governor Ron DeSantis. I am honored to support his fight to restore American greatness, and to ensure our children have the bright torch of liberty to guide their way.

Author: Steven Holt


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