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This election the stakes couldn’t be higher and the choice couldn’t be clearer.

Each election becomes “the most critical one in our lifetime” because the stakes get higher with each election. With each election more is at stake than ever before.

More is at risk of being lost than ever before. Therefore more is at risk of being won than ever before.

What is on the ballot? The future of America. Nothing less.

We will choose between 2 directions for America:

  • Less Government or More Government
  • Limited Government or Unlimited Government
  • Protection of Individual Rights or Obliteration of Individual Rights
  • Rights coming from God or Rights coming from Government
  • Upholding the Constitution or Upending the Constitution
  • Liberty or Totalitarianism
  • Rule of Law and Peace or Anarchy and Lawlessness
  • Free Enterprise or Socialism
  • Strong Military or Weak Military
  • Economic Opportunity or Economic Oppression
  • Honoring the God-given value of the individual over the state or the Supremacy of the state over the individual
  • Right to Life or Right to Kill
  • Right to Live or Duty to Die
  • Protection of Religious Liberty or Eradication of Religious Liberty
  • Protection of Free Speech or Domination of Political Correctness
  • Gun Rights or Gun Privileges
  • Gratitude for America or Disgrace for America
  • Respect for America or Shame for America
  • Freedom or Tyranny
  • For America or Against America

I know what I will choose on Nov. 3rd. Join me in choosing For America!

Sandy Salmon

Author: Sandy Salmon