Scholten, Feenstra spar over term limits after Feenstra says he’ll serve 12 years, but signed 6-year term limit pledge

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During Wednesday’s Fourth Congressional debate between Democrat J.D. Scholten and Republican Randy Feenstra, the two were asked about term limits.

Feenstra noted that he signed a term limits pledge and supports term limits. When asked how long he’d serve, he said 12 years.

Scholten then pointed out that Feenstra’s term limits pledge he signed states it is for two terms.

Feenstra said the one he signed for is max 12 years.

Both candidates are wrong.

Feenstra signed a term limits pledge of three terms for U.S. House members, which is six years. Scholten was sort of right — if the two were talking about the U.S. Senate. The pledge limits Senators to two terms.

You can view the pledge below. Note that the pledge simply states Feenstra will cosponsor and vote for the U.S. Term Limits Amendment of three House terms and two Senate terms and no longer limit.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall