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Slavery is a detestable practice for which we ought to grieve the cost of human tragedy as we look back on this chapter in history. Those who benefited, were harmed and sacrificed on both sides of the issue that divided our nation belong to that time.

Reparations, however, merely means government taking money from Americans in 2019, none of whom lived during the time of slavery (and many whose immigrating ancestors came thereafter), and redistributing it according to the wishes of those in power.

I would not support reparations in Congress.

It’s a measure that divides rather than unites our country, and it’s wrong. If the goal is truly healing and understanding, it will be through conversations and interactions with families and places of worship, a shared sense of patriotism, a recognition that we are created in the image of God, and a kindred spirit as Americans united for our common good as a nation.

With a $22 trillion national debt, a Congress that has passed only four budgets since 1977, a southern border and immigration crisis, a need to respect the sanctity of all human life, an addiction to endlessly investigating the President, an abandonment of the free market system and federalism amid the specter of socialism, this issue is yet another indication of a House of Representatives that needs conservative leadership.

Jeremy Taylor

Author: Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor is a former legislator and Woodbury County Supervisor and candidate for Congress in IA-04. He is a member of the Army National Guard. Use of his job title, rank, or service does not provide or imply endorsement from the Army or Department of Defense.